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Don’t Let The Left Cancel America. The Silent Majority Must Speak Up Now.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of Likely U.S. Voters do not believe that Mount Rushmore should be closed or changed because two of the four presidents it honors – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – were slave owners. Seventeen percent (17%) believe the iconic memorial in South Dakota should be closed or changed. (To see survey question wording, click here.)



mount rushmore

A new Rasmussen report released Friday suggests that the majority of American voters strongly support keeping historical monuments, such as Mount Rushmore intact, rather than destroying it.

If that is the case, then the silent majority needs to speak up now.

It is a day before the Fourth of July. On the Fourth, the majority of Americans get together with family and friends to BBQ and watch fireworks. We celebrate all the things we love because deep down inside we know how fragile they really are.

The lockdowns due to COVID19 and the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer have put our nation on edge. These events have hurt us and taught us lessons. However, they have also been hijacked by radical leftists who inherently hate the American system as it is and want it to change. They do not believe in capitalism, freedom as we know it or the guiding principals of our nation.

Those of us who know this cannot remain silent. On July 4, 1776 our nation declared its independence. The Declaration of Independence was more than a symbol, in fact, its powerful words help lay the strong foundation that has made our nation the envy of the world.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness,” reads the preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

Those words – although written at a time of great uncertainty and during a period where people were not all treated as equals – still are fundamentally true. Those words continue to mean something today.

Just as the historical symbols of our culture, freedom, and liberty stand in the balance of those who wish to tear down the past because they find it offensive, it is that past that has paved the path for progress for our future.

Don’t let the left cancel America.

Name one nation not mired in past transgressions? No one can. It’s life. Just as there is not one human being who has not lived with a regret or something that they wish they could change.

But it is our guiding principals based in the fundamentals of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that have been our moral compass. Those fundamental principles have given us, as a society, the wisdom to rise above the mistakes of our past and become a beacon of light for other nations.

No matter where I’ve traveled from Europe to South Asia, people ask me how they can become an American. Moreover, every day hundreds of people flee from their nations to arrive at our borders, our airports and our coasts with the hope of finding a new home. They are fleeing oppression, injustice and poverty with the hope of becoming an American citizen in a land that they revere but one that we are slowly throwing away.

Many people have died making the journey and many more would rather live in the shadow of our nation than in the open in theirs.

So why are so many young people fighting against those basic principals, and willing to deconstruct America ? Because our nation has also been subjected to a Trojan horse ideology that has permeated our colleges and universities. Many young Americans don’t understand the consequences of life without the basic freedoms granted in the words established by our founding fathers. Many don’t associate with older generations that have fought in wars to ensure our nation’s freedom and safety.

These young people have been lied to by college professors and special interest groups whose goals are to make them believe that America is nothing more than a colonialist nation, which has oppressed everyone but Caucasians. It’s not true.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights keep our nation strong and keep us moving in the right direction. Instead of tearing down our nation, we should be exalting it and lifting it up. We are nation based on freedom and choices. For generations Americans have fought and spilled their blood to ensure the survival of our nation.

Americans are blessed. We’ve also shown over time to be the most giving nation on earth, empathizing with the plight of others not as fortunate.

Floyd’s horrific killing by a law enforcement officer tore at our nation’s spirit and for the most part we cried with his family and community. In the aftermath, the majority of Americans condemned Floyd’s death but those with a different agenda for our nation didn’t recognize that, but instead, chose to use Floyd’s name as a conduit to fundamentally change the system and dismantle history.

That in and of itself is wrong. Why? Because it is this very system that allows our citizens to go to the streets and protest. It is the rights granted by our forefathers in the Constitution that led to the greatest civil rights revolution in our history, and women’s suffrage movement.

The debate over our historical monuments and whether they should be removed is as serious as it gets because if the Rasmussen poll is correct, the majority of Americans are being silenced by a very strong and growing group of anti-American leftists. And it won’t stop with statues and monuments.

It will be our language, our history, books and then the fundamentals that make our nation so unique that it affords everyone the opportunity to aspire to be great.

So on this Fourth of July weekend remember, while you’re with your family and friends celebrating, that the quest for freedom and independence is still ongoing.

Ensuring that our nation remains a beacon of light for the oppressed, those seeking liberty and the future of our citizens will require all of the strength and courage of this generation.

It is – after all – the greatest battle worth fighting for.

From Rasmussen:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of Likely U.S. Voters do not believe that Mount Rushmore should be closed or changed because two of the four presidents it honors – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – were slave owners. Seventeen percent (17%) believe the iconic memorial in South Dakota should be closed or changed. (To see survey question wording, click here.) 

But this compares to 90% who opposed closing or changing Mount Rushmore when Rasmussen Reports first asked this question three years ago. 

Similarly, 71% still oppose removing the names of the early presidents like Washington and Jefferson who were slave owners from public places and taking down statues in their honor. Eighteen percent (18%) favor such moves. However, this compares to 88% and seven percent (7%) respectively in 2017.

The most notable change on both questions is among voters under 40. One-third (33%) of these younger voters are now ready to close or change Mount Rushmore and remove the names and statues of the early presidents who were slave owners. Roughly 10% of older voters agree in both cases.

Only 10% of all voters believe it is better to erase the wrongs of the past. Eighty-four percent (84%) disagree and say it is better to try to learn from them. But that’s down 10 points from the earlier survey.

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Alec Baldwin Lowest of the Low; Blames Victim For Shooting ‘Everything is at her Direction’



Alec Baldwin

“Just when you think Alec Baldwin can’t go any lower, he blames Halyna Hutchins, the woman he shot to death, for getting shot to death” writes the New York Post. Naturally, Baldwin gifted his first interview since the tragic death of Hutchins to his Hampton’s buddy and leftwing media host George Stephanopoulos.

“Everything is at her direction,” Baldwin told George Stephanopoulos during the hourlong interview that aired Thursday night on ABC. Ultimately the entire one hour can be summed up by Baldwin’s twelve words: “Someone is responsible for what happened, and I know it’s not me.”

For any viewers looking for anything particularly meaningful from Baldwin or for him to answer tough questions, a sit-down with his liberal elite buddy was not the place to get it. “I’m holding the gun where she told me to hold it,” Baldwin said, “which ended up right below her armpit. Which is what I was told — I don’t know.”

He carried on, “I would never point a gun at anyone, and pull the trigger at them. Never.” Oddly he had just finished describing how he was pointing the gun at Hutchins.
Agent Bobby Chacon, a retired FBI agent who works as a writer and on-set consultant for Hollywood stated “The bullet striking and killing that woman came out of the barrel of the gun pointed directly at her…Bullets don’t curve. He isn’t in ‘The Matrix.’ The trigger would still have to be pulled.”

The New York Post reports:

“I’m not aware of any gun firing itself,” says Steve Wolf, a Hollywood firearms and special-effects expert since 1994. “I’ve never seen a gun self-discharge. A single-action revolver like this” — the Colt that Baldwin fired — “can be discharged very easily, with minimal input required … The trigger still must have been pressed.”
Wolf is also outraged by a larger concern. “It’s really important to discredit anyone who claims that guns fire themselves,” he says. “If this becomes an acceptable defense, there goes any accountability when it comes to shooting people. We can’t have this kind of ‘guns shoot themselves’ thing. They don’t.”

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