Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s child care plan will cover same-sex married couples and foster parents, and neither evangelicals nor gay rights activists are particularly happy.

The revelation was included in a Trump campaign fact sheet accompanying the plan, and it includes only one caveat: “The benefits would be available in the same way that the IRS currently recognizes same-sex couples: if the marriage is recognized under state law, then it is recognized under federal law.”

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Watch daughter Ivanka Trump explain her father’s new child care plan in an exclusive interview with Circa.

The Supreme Court’s take 

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution allows for same-sex couples to marry. Prior to the ruling, 37 states allowed gay marriage, while other states had statutory bans on same sex marriage.

The Supreme Court’s ruling overturned restrictions other states tried to impose on marriage laws.

A Trump aide said the plan would cover “married gay couples and foster parents as well.”

What do evangelicals think?

Evangelical Christian organizer David Lane, the California-based founder of the American Renewal Project  and a recent host of a Trump event in Florida, said, “we applaud Donald Trump for wishing to make families stronger, but not with the help of social engineering.”

He said “evangelicals are not going to support a policy that has anything less than a mommy and daddy in the home. Studies show that children best flourish when one mom and one dad are there to rear them.”

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Watch Donald Trump speak at David Lane’s recent gathering of evangelical pastors in Florida.

Gay rights advocates say it’s not enough

Jay Brown, senior communications director at the Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization, told Circa the Trump plan is not a win for the gay community.

“This is from a camp where both Trump and Pence oppose gay marriage equality,” said Brown. “There is no reason to view this as any victory for the LGBTQ community.”

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