Donald Trump Jr.: “Schiff & his staff seem to leak about everything”

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff said Sunday to This Week’s, host George Stephanopoulos that he wants Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate whether Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress.

“Your colleague on the committee, …Congresswoman Jackie Speier, told CNN that she believes that Donald Trump Jr. lied to your committee on at least two occasions,” said Stephanopoulos. “Do you agree?”

Schiff has threatened publicly to keep fishing for crimes.

“Well, I’d like the special counsel to have access to Don Jr.’s testimony and determine whether it is evidence of — of false statements,” said Schiff. “I think — and I greatly appreciate the seriousness with which the special counsel takes lying to Congress — so I’ll let Bob Mueller be the judge of that.”

Schiff’s comments got a swift reply on Twitter from Trump Jr.

“Considering Schiff & his staff seem to leak just about everything, I’m sure he as had it,” said Trump Jr. “Maybe someone should launch an investigation to find out where all the leaks from his committee come from?”

In the interview, Stephanopoulos questioned whether Mueller’s team had already seen the transcripts.

“So are you confident that Robert Mueller and this team have not yet seen any of those transcripts?” he asked Schiff. “No, I believe the special counsel has had access to the transcripts, but not for the purpose of use in a perjury prosecution.”

Moreover, Schiff added, “so that’s what we want to make sure that the special counsel has access to these transcripts and can use them for whatever purpose including perjury prosecution or witness intimidation or obstruction of justice.”

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