DOJ Reneges Commitment to Provide Trump Russia Docs to Congress

DOJ plans next meeting during opening of North Korea Summit


  • DOJ officials limit a briefing on new documents to a select few Congressional members
  • The briefing is planned to take place during the first two days of the North Korea Summit in Singapore, when all eyes will be on the negotiations
  • Sources worry the documents provided will be heavily redacted
  • A source says during a May 24 Congressional meeting with DOJ, the department argued with congressional members over who would have access to the documents

The Department of Justice reneged on a commitment to provide access to documents they promised to congressional lawmakers by Thursday morning. Instead, DOJ issued a press release after midnight suggesting they will only meet with a group of select lawmakers to discuss the matter on the same day the North Korea summit opens in Singapore, according to numerous sources and a DOJ statement.

Moreover, the Justice Department also issued new stipulations for briefing congressional members and limited the meeting with only the Gang of Eight, which is comprised of eight leaders within Congress who are briefed on classified intelligence matters.

“This is yet another line of obfuscation, stonewalling and delay tactics by the DOJ…”

These sources claim that briefing Gang of Eight lawmakers restricts the dissemination and discussion of the documents that will be taken for review. Although the DOJ contends that the documents are highly sensitive material, in reality, these documents are not considered to contain high-level national security information.

So while it seems that DOJ is complying, congressional sources say it means that the documents provided may be highly redacted.

A source familiar with the discussions stated that the documents, “…do not rise to Gang of Eight level material requiring such strict rules that would limit those members to discuss the material with other lawmakers.”

Lawmakers are also questioning the Justice Department’s decision to provide the documents early next week during the highly anticipated start of the North Korea summit. A senior Justice Department official announced the briefing is, “expected on Monday or Tuesday, depending on members’ schedules.”

On May 24, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R-SC) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), met with DOJ officials and FBI Director Christopher Wray to discuss Nunes’ demand on April 24, for specific classified documents related to the committee’s investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Russia/Trump investigation. According to a source familiar with the discussions, the DOJ pleaded with the members, “not to say anything about the DOJ having brought the documents to the meeting.”

In last night’s press release, however, the DOJ admitted to having the documents. A senior Justice Department official accused the committee members of not reviewing the documents provided at the May meeting stating, “The Department and FBI will also provide the documents that were available for review but not inspected by the members at the previous briefing along with some additional material.”

According to sources with knowledge of the May 24 briefing, the DOJ argued with congressional members over who would have access to the documents during the meeting. The DOJ also limited the distribution of the documents to “only those members in the room” and would not allow investigators to review the documents for their ongoing investigation into the FBI’s handling of the alleged Russia/Trump probe.

“This request for documents is not at the Gang of Eight level,” said a source familiar with the matter. “This is yet another line of obfuscation, stonewalling and delay tactics by the DOJ. They were supposed to deliver the documents to Congress Thursday and then at the last second did what they always do: fail to keep their commitment. Now they are waiting until the opening of the North Korea summit in an attempt to bury it from the public.”

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl) told this reporter that the DOJ’s failure to produce documents has put both Congress and the American people in a seemingly never ending predicament that does more harm than good for the nation.

“It’s the same old games and Congress is facilitating this behavior by continuing this back and forth with the Justice Department,” said DeSantis. The lawmaker noted that Congress has the power of the purse and authority to follow through with the contempt proceedings against DOJ Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.

DeSantis added, “American’s are upset about this and have every reason to be. They could’ve turned these documents over more than eight months ago and answered our questions and we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in now.”

A senior Justice Department official said in the press release, “The Department and FBI are prepared to brief members on certain questions specifically raised by the Speaker and other members…The Department and FBI believe it can provide information that is directly responsive to congressional inquiries in a manner that is consistent with its national security and law enforcement responsibilities, and is pleased to do so.”

The DOJ official said with regard to not providing the documents on Thursday, “Although the Department and FBI would have liked to provide this information as early as this week, officials have taken a little additional time to provide the most fulsome answers to the members’ questions as possible. The Department and FBI take congressional inquiries seriously and believes that the documents provided next week will be valuable to the Gang of Eight.”

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Notable Replies

  1. cem says:

    Fire Rosenstein on weekend and unredact and postpone ig report

  2. Sara and Gregg called this yesterday…
    Why are we allowing the Deep State to be involved, or have any say on a timeline or redactions, when it comes to matters like this?
    Why aren’t we following the Dems lead on this, and demand a special counsel of our own?
    The DOJ, FBI, Rosenstein, and Sessions, amongst others, are obstructing justice every single day, by not complying with Congress.
    How does Sessions still have a Job? And how Rosenstein gets to make up the rules as he goes is beyond comprehension.
    The American people, I believe, see through this circus the Democrats have created and are fed up with their antics.
    A Red wave is coming this fall, and it’s my opinion that the Dems know this, so why they continue to obstruct justice when the truth will inevitably come out is mind boggling.

  3. I agree. The shenanigans need to be ended. Declassify.

  4. Fairly obvious DOJ is afraid. The foundation is crumbling beneath them. The FBI, CIA and them have blood, sedition and treason on their hands either as co-conspirators or for looking the other way when it was happening under their watch. It was all to be swept away with Clinton winning. Except it wasn’t. The “insurance” plan didn’t pay off either. Time for the evil to end and the perps to pay the penalty.

    To the DOJ: We the People want transparency. So release the unredacted documents so we can see for ourselves just exactly what you liars and thieves have done. We need to determine the damage you have done to our country. We want truth. We want liberty and justice for all. The same liberty and justice for each and every one of us. If that means tearing this mess down and rebuilding it - so be it. Red Tsunami is coming. We the People are hiring Patriots who will do the will of We the People. We don’t need or want politicians who vote what they think is best because that translates into criminal acts against us. PDT gets that. So the lifetime careers of back slapping buds in the Uni-Party are over. Get real jobs, if you stay out of prison.

  5. Trump drew a line and Rosenstein crossed it. For Trump to remain credible, he must act strongly. He can wait a week until the IG report is released, though he already knows it is being redacted.

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