August 19, 2020

DNC Approved: Antisemite Linda Sarsour

A Democratic National Convention caucus meeting hosted Linda Sarsour, a woman known for her antisemitism. If you remember, Sarsour was one of the Women’s March leaders who famously supported Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who regularly calls Jews “satanic” and the like.

Sarsour spoke Tuesday during a meeting for Muslim Delegates and their allies. Jews on both sides of the aisle expressed condemnation over the decision to have Sarsour speak. One Twitter user wrote, “Gotta say, as someone looking forward to voting for #BidenHarris2020 – this was a really, really, bad call, #DNCConvention.”

As Aaron Bandler with the Jewish Journal pointed out, Sarsour has a history of antisemitism and it even goes as far as supporting terrorism. Moreover, Sarsour “embraced,” as Bandler put it, Rasmeah Odeh, a convicted terrorist.

Odeh was convicted of terrorism for her part in the 1969 Jerusalem supermarket bombing that killed two young Israeli students. In 2017, she was deported from the U.S. “for having obtained her United States citizenship unlawfully.”

Sarsour has also made antisemitic comments using her platform.