Disgraced McCabe says FBI ‘never really uncovered’ motive behind congressional baseball shooting

By Jenny Goldsberry

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lauded Biden‘s Attorney General Merrick Garland‘s new strategy to combat domestic terrorism on CNN Tuesday, stating that ‘racially motivated, ethnically motivated extremists’ are the most serious threat in the nation. The new strategy by Garland has been criticized by opponents, who contend the Justice Department is expanding its powers to weaponize its tools of investigation for political purposes.

During Garland’s announcement, the attorney general mentioned the congressional baseball shooting, that nearly took the life of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-LA, as a recent example of a Democratic supporter being politically motivated toward violence against Republicans.

It is here that McCabe switched course. McCabe, who was fired in March, 2018, for lying multiple times to the the DOJ’s Inspector General’s investigators about his role in the Russia investigation into President Trump, then went on to cover up the FBI’s failure to resolve the investigation into the shooting that targeted Republican members in 2017.

McCabe, who became a CNN contributor after spreading the Russia hoax theory, said he thought the mention of the shooting was significant, but said Garland’s example was deft. He noted that while he was acting FBI director in 2017 during the time of the shooting, the bureau didn’t uncover the assailant’s motives. All this, despite the fact that the shooter openly asked if the baseball players practicing were Republicans before opening fire on the teams.

Moreover, the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, had a long record of posting anti- Republican social media posts. The 66-year-old gunman was ultimately killed in a shootout with police in Alexandria, Virginia. He seriously injured Scalise and four others.

Hodgkinson wrote several months before the shooting on Facebook that “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA.”

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