DHS Secretary Mayorkas claims to not know how many migrants were released into U.S.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared woefully unprepared before the Senate Homeland Security Committee Tuesday. He was joined by Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray and Director Counter Terrorism Sector Christine Abizaid.

First, Ranking Member Rob Portman (R-OH) read from the Rodney Scott letter. Scott is a Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief, who sounded the alarm on the border crisis via a letter that became part of the record of the hearing.

“He says in October 2020, he was told that 91% of total encounters were processed under Title 42 and people were expelled in a matter of 90 minutes,” Portman read. “A report I received in August of 2021 indicated that nearly 53% were granted exemptions to Title 42, with the majority being released into the United States.”

Meanwhile Mayorkas, when asked how many migrants were detained, deported, processed for expedited removal and or expelled, said he did not know.

“I do not have the data before me,” Mayorkas told the committee. Then, they all took a break from the hearing. But even after they returned, Mayorkas still didn’t have the numbers that multiple senators asked for. Yet he was fresh from a visit from the border’s Del Rio Texas section.

So Portman’s solution is to have more stern and clear messaging about the border being closed. According to him, nothing else seems to be working.

“This notion that this can all be solved by investing in Latin America, particularly in the Northern Triangle countries,” Portman went on, “I’m not against that. We’ve done a lot of it. 3.6 billion in the last five years. That’s not the ultimate answer.”

For instance, swarms of Haitian migrants have landed at the border. As a result the border crisis as progressed further than these Northern Triangle countries.