Devin Nunes: ‘Highly Doubt’ Democrats Will Get An Unredacted Mueller report

In an interview with Harris Faulkner On “Outnumbered Overtime”, the Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said he “highly doubts” Democrats will get to see an unredacted Mueller report especially “if there is grand jury testimony in there.”

“I was actually the first member of Congress to say that we not only need the Mueller report, which I actually call the ‘Mueller Dossier’ because I think it’s written by partisans and I don’t think there’s a lot in there, but what I am interested in learning is, how exactly did Mueller’s team create this report? Because we know we had a lot of partisan actors in there so I want to see the underlying information,” Nunes said.

“I want to see the interviews that they did, I want to see who they subpoenaed, I want to see if they had any wiretaps, because we know that these cast of characters, two were kicked off early, we’ve already caught them taking exculpatory evidence against Americans and leaving it on the cutting board floor. So we really do want to see, not just the report, but the underlying information.”

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