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DeSantis proposes new measures to fight Big Tech deplatforming of political candidates, including a $100G fine




Florida Governor Ron DeSantis detailed his latest crackdown on big tech Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

DeSantis proposed three measures to protect Floridians from big tech, including a $100,000 fine for social media companies that de-platform political candidates.

DeSantis’s new proposals will benefit individual protections as well, allowing users and the Florida attorney general to sue companies if they have been treated unfairly. Additionally, DeSantis will require social media companies to provide full disclosure to their users of actions taken against their accounts for violating policies. Finally, actions taken by companies to effectively promote a political candidate will be considered campaign contributions.

“We think that this is something Floridians want protection from and I think it will end up being a really good first step,” DeSantis told Carlson. “I think most folks do want protection for their privacy and their data, I think most folks want protection from being de-platformed.”

DeSantis thinks these new measures will be positively received and may set a precedent for the rest of the country.

“When Florida leads, other states start following. So I think you will see other legislatures follow suit,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis acknowledged that he’s prepared for a “big fight” in the legislative session.

“I think it will be very positively received, but we’re buckled up. We know there are always fights over these things, so stay tuned.”

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Trump has chosen his 2024 running mate but hasn’t told them yet



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During a campaign stop on Saturday, former president Donald Trump announced he has chosen his running mate for Vice President; but they are unaware they have been picked by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

They will know soon, as the vice-presidential choice will be attending the debate between Trump and President Joe Biden set to take place next week, Trump said.

The first presidential debate between Trump and Biden will air on CNN in primetime for 90 minutes. Trump will be hoping Joe Biden’s age and apparent mental decline will be on display for a national audience.

National Review writes of the VP rumors thus far for the Republican ticket:

North Dakota governor Doug Burgum, Florida senator Marco Rubio, South Carolina senator Tim Scott, and Ohio senator J. D. Vance are names that have come up repeatedly in news reports detailing Trump’s vice-presidential selection process.

Burgum emerged as a vice-presidential option after running a long-shot GOP presidential campaign and becoming a surrogate for Trump upon dropping outof the 2024 primary.

“He’s very well regarded within the Trump circle,” a senior official in Trump’s orbit previously told NR regarding Burgum’s VP chances. He was one of many contenders slated to attend the Republican National Committee’s annual donor retreat in May.

National Review adds Rubio’s prospects of being Trump’s running mate are complicated by the Twelfth Amendment’s language preventing a presidential and vice-presidential candidate from having the same state of residence. Trump changed his official residency to Florida during his presidential term.

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, Florida representative Byron Donalds, and New York representative Elise Stefanik are other Republicans who have been floated as potential VP selections.

Noem’s vice-presidential chances diminished significantly because of a story she told in her new memoir about killing her dog two decades ago, drawing outrage and bewilderment from across the political spectrum.

Stefanik and Donalds are two of Trump’s most prominent supporters among House Republicans.

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