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Dennis Rodman: ‘Why are we looting, why are we stealing…We’re not f*king animals’



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Former NBA star Dennis Rodman posted a powerful message on Instagram Sunday night in response to the ongoing riots in the wake of Minnesota resident George Flyod’s death by a police officer.

“Why are we looting, why are we stealing?” said Rodman, who recalled the destruction of the Los Angeles riots in 1992.

He added: “We’ve got too many issues right now. This is a bad one right now, but we’ve got to all come together and try to help each other try to get through all this situation. Please, please understand, we have to live together. We’re human beings, we’re not f**king animals. We’re human beings.”

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Information emerges on ‘conspiracy-minded former Democratic campaign staffer’ who lit himself on fire outside Trump trial



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As the jury selection for former President Donald Trump’s hush-money trial was being finalized, Max Azzarello set himself on fire Friday afternoon outside the Manhattan courthouse. The event was caught on video by multiple media outlets, and police officers can be seen in the videos dousing Azzarello’s body with a fire extinguisher.

National Review reports on the bizarre occurrence:

Azzarello appears to be a conspiracy-minded former Democratic campaign staffer and operations manager who threw pamphlets into the air before self-immolating that directed bystanders to his Substack blog, “The Ponzi Papers.” Azzarello writes on his Substack of a supposed “totalitarian con” and identifies himself as the man who set himself on fire outside of the Trump courthouse.

Azzarello warns of what he believes to be cryptocurrency ponzi scheme being manipulated by economic elites, most notably tech billionaire Peter Thiel. He claims the government is a “secret kleptocracy” full of financial criminals and highlights The Simpsons as a tool supposedly used by elites to brainwash the American people.

His LinkedIn page features a picture of himself with former president Bill Clinton, a subject of his conspiracy theories, and lists his various marketing and operations positions in politics and tech.



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