Dems Border Proposal “Making This Entire Country A Sanctuary” For Illegals

Border Patrol agents apprehend illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley sector, 2014.McAllen, Texas. (Photo: Sara Carter)

Negotiations over securing and building a border wall have reached an impasse Sunday as bipartisan talks are failing and both sides are edging closer to a government shutdown this Friday. Further, Democrats are pushing to weaken Immigration and Customs Enforcement, proposing drastic limitations on detention beds and weakening the agencies effectiveness to hold criminal illegal immigrants, said Tom Homan, former ICE Director.

He told Sunday that the proposal is a serious security issue that is unacceptable.

“The Dems proposal will result in tens of thousands of criminal aliens and other illegal aliens that are currently detained pending a court hearing or removal to be released into our communities,” said Homan.

He noted the proposals are “making this entire country a sanctuary.”

It will result in “a rush to the border because incoming aliens will know there is no consequence for their actions,” Homan added. “As I have said all year, the Dems may not abolish ICE but they will cripple them and make them ineffective by severely harming their operational budget.”

Trump’s Sunday Tweets

President Trump is also showing his frustration. In a slew of Tweets Sunday, the president held Democrats responsible for failures over the past week to come to a resolution. He said the negotiations are failing because Democrats refuse to offer reasonable solutions to proposed legislation.

“Now, with the terrible offers being made by them to the Border Committee, I actually believe they want a Shutdown,” said Trump.

Moreover, the White House is demanding at least $5 billion in funding for a proposed barrier. Federal law enforcement officials have said the wall is necessary to manage resources and national security.

“I don’t think the Dems on the Border Committee are being allowed by their leaders to make a deal,” said Trump.

His sharp jab was at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, D-CA, who has stated emphatically that she refuses to negotiate any deal that includes a border wall.

“They are offering very little money for the desperately needed Border Wall and now, out of the blue, want a cap on convicted violent felons to he held in detention,” he added.

It was evident when Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard C. Shelby, R-Alabama. He told Fox News Sunday, “I think we are stalled right now…I’m not confident we’re going to get there.”

The Numbers

ICE officials noted that 90 percent of asylum seekers easily pass the first step entering the United States. Most illegal immigrants now claim asylum, “credible fear,” citing danger to their lives if they return home, according to reports. However, only 20 percent of the people are actually granted asylum. Unfortunately, by that time, they have disappeared into the fabric of America, never reporting to court.

After they claim credible fear they still need to go through the judicial system. The process is lengthy — longer than ICE can detain immigrants — taking 45 to 60 days to see a judge. By this time, they have already been released.


  • Fiscal Year 2018 is the highest number of family unit apprehensions on record. More than 40% higher than any previous year on record.
  • The number of family units along the southwest border increased 22% from August to September.
  •  Illegal alien minors or adults traveling with minors are rarely detained or removed but released.  
  • Customs and Border Protection used to primarily apprehend single adults. Currently, CBP has an influx of minors and adults traveling with minors. It is a loophole they use to enter and stay in the country illegally.