Democratic Lawmaker: ‘Some Things May Need To Be Redacted’ From Mueller Report

Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright (D-PA), speaking on Fox News about Mueller report and upcoming testimony before congress of Attorney General William Barr, said that he understands that there will be things that need to be redacted from the report before it becomes public.

“The House Appropriations Committee, funds the entire federal government, and we have to listen to the testimony from the executive branch officers who come in present their proposed budgets and tell us what they want to spend money on etc…so as part of funding the Justice Department, we have the Attorney General coming in and talking about the President’s budget for that department. The Mueller report will come up during his testimony,” said Rep. Cartwright.

“The House voted unanimously, Democrat and Republicans that this is a report that ought to be made public, so we can stop speculating about it, who said what, let’s go through the exercise and see what the facts are” continued Rep. Cartwright, “somethings may need to be redacted, like grand jury testimony is supposed to be secret, and if they want to redact that fine…if there are national security secrets that are in there…they should be redacted. And I do think that a more select group of people in the congress, should look at the whole unredacted version, perhaps the House Intelligence Committee…and they are used to being entrusted with top secret information that they are going to honor their commitment to guard top secret information and not reveal it to the public. But also, to review the whole thing so that they have the entire facts and context.”