Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: The border ‘is a crisis…we all know it’

Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema said in a radio interview Friday that the situation on the Southern Border is clearly “a crisis.”

“The reality is that this is a crisis,” said Sinema. “We all know it and the federal government must do more to address this surge of migrants who are coming to the border with increasing numbers each year.”

“We’re looking at numbers this year that are the highest numbers of crossings that we’ve seen in 20 years in Arizona,” she said. It was first reported by Hot Air.

The Arizona Senator spoke directly to BIden and his team, according to the report.

“What I’m waiting for…is for the administration to take bold action to actually address these concerns,” she said.

She said smaller towns across Arizona are seeing migrants dropped off with nowhere to go. Moreover, the situation is also at similar, if not worse, crisis levels in Texas and California as well. Sara Carter has been reporting from the border for the past several months and recently returned from a trip to Tijuana, where nearly 2,000 migrants are waiting in a make-shift tent encampment hoping to enter the U.S. illegally. The encampment is made up of people from all over the world and the situation is becoming extremely dangerous for the children and the most vulnerable attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.

“Literally the mayor is putting them in his vehicle and driving them to Tucson or Phoenix to get them to shelter. That’s not acceptable and that’s what I’ve communicated,” the Arizona senator said.