Demand Grows for Second Special Counsel from Senate

IG does not have the tools of a prosecutor, Senators say

Ranking Republican senators are calling on the Department of Justice to appoint a second special counsel to investigate potential abuses by FBI and Justice Department employees connected to their role in the investigation into President Trump.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-SC, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas and Sen. Thom Tillis, R- N.C. officially joined other Congressional members in their call for a special counsel to work alongside DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Horowitz has been conducting an investigation into the matter for more than a year. Graham and Grassley joined Fox News Bret Baier on Thursday’s Special Report and stressed the urgency of getting a special counsel to investigate along side the Inspector General.

Graham told this reporter on Thursday that he believes a special counsel will be appointed to work along side Horowitz.

“(Horowitz) is a good guy but institutionally he’s limited,” said Graham. “And with all the intrigue inside the DOJ, appointing an independent special counsel benefits both Democrats and Republicans – nobody can suggest its cooked.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

letter sent to DOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from the senators says they “have the utmost confidence in the Inspector General’s integrity, fairness, and impartiality, and trust that he will complete these reviews in a thorough, unbiased, and timely fashion.”

“However, by statute, the Inspector General does not have the tools that a prosecutor would gather all the facts, such as the ability to obtain testimony from essential witnesses who are not current DOJ employees,” the letter states. “Thus, we believe that a special counsel is needed to work with the Inspector General to independently gather the facts and make prosecutorial decisions if any are merited.  The Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself without these enhanced measures of independence to ensure that the public can have confidence in the outcome.”

Grassley and Graham, who released a redacted version of their own criminal referral of former British spy Christopher Steele last month, noted in the letter to the DOJ that Horowitz does not have access to a grand jury that can compel witnesses to talk. Steele, who put together the unverified dossier accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians, is being investigated for lying to the FBI about his contacts with the media and other matters, as reported. 

“The Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself…”

The two senators had written to the Inspector General’s office in February, “requesting a broad review of more than 30 classified and unclassified questions related to the Trump-Russia probe” but were not able to obtain the information.

“…because the Inspector General lacks access to grand jury process and other prosecutorial tools, a special counsel with such authority may be necessary to compel the production of testimony and information that would otherwise be unobtainable,” a press release from Grassley and Graham issued Thursday stated.

The letter to Sessions and Rosenstein outlines the importance of appointing a special counsel to support Horowitz’s independent investigation.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

The senators state that the appointment “should occur under the specific Justice Department regulations that govern special counsels and limit the scope of their authority. The senators further request that if the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General determines a special counsel is not appropriate or necessary, then the Department designate a U.S. Attorney’s office or another prosecutor with no real or apparent conflict to work” with Horowitz on the case.

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Earlier this month House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-VA, and House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-SC, sent a letter to Rosenstein and Sessions also urging them to appoint a special counsel to investigate the accumulation of evidence uncovered by the congressional committees and Inspector General.

Goodlatte and Gowdy sent a letter addressing evidence uncovered by the House Intelligence Committee that accused the FBI and Justice Department of failing to disclose to the secret FISA court that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee financed the dossier put together by former British spy Christopher Steele at the behest of embattled security firm Fusion GPS.

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Notable Replies

  1. It is amazing to me that all 51 Repub senators haven’t joined in!
    Repubs are their own worst enemy…eating their own on a regular basis.

  2. Will we see them send people to prison in our lifetime?

  3. I have high hopes. With that said, I have been waiting nearly a quarter of a century to see anything done about Hillary.

  4. I wonder why we are not talking about this provable national security issue? Shouldn’t it be included in a 2nd Special Council investigation?

    PLEASE READ: The Real Russia Story: Port Canaveral “Project Pelican” and Uranium One deals connected through the Jafars
    Originally posted on Family Security Matters
    by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones
    Gulftainer is connected to the Uranium One deal.
    Gulftainer is the Iraqi Jafar family’s UAE-based ports company that is tightly connected to Russia and Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons programs.
    In 2014 the Obama administration awarded Gulftainer a 35-year lease to Florida’s Port Canaveral cargo container terminal in a secret deal code-named “Project Pelican.”
    Jafars partner with Russia’s Inter RAO UES, a subsidiary of Rosatom, majority owner of Uranium One
    In 2011, Gulftainer affiliate Crescent Investments partnered via a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Russia’s state-owned power station operator and electricity import-export monopoly Inter RAO UES.
    At that time, Inter RAO UES was a subsidiary of Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. Rosatom is the Russian company that purchased Uranium One.
    The Russian government’s military industrial complex, petroleum industry, electrical power grid, nuclear energy sector, and nuclear weapons complex, are all components of a giant web of state-controlled enterprises. Their business structures may routinely shift like the sand dunes in a desert, but these key sectors always remain under the control of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.
    Rosatom controls Russia’s sprawling nuclear weapons production complex.
    Rosatom purchased Canadian mining company Uranium One in a deal that transferred control of one-fifth of U.S. uranium reserves, a strategic national security commodity critical to U.S. nuclear defense, into the hands of Russia and Vladimir Putin.
    Inter RAO UES is chaired by Igor Sechin who at the time of the Crescent Investment deal was Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and the head of Russia’s petroleum giant Rosneft.
    Rosneft is a Russian state-owned enterprise in business with Crescent Petroleum, another Gulftainer affiliate.

    Forbes reported in January 2018 that Sechin, known as “the Darth Vader of Russia, is “more powerful than Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev,” “more powerful than Vladimir Putin” and “feared more than Putin.”
    Management frequently moves among Rosatom, Inter RAO UES, and Uranium One
    The management of Inter RAO UES, Uranium One, and Uranium One’s majority owner Rosatom, has been a revolving door. Management moves among these three Russian companies freely and frequently.

  5. DonB says:

    Special Mr. Muller only has the tasks assigned by DOJ… his boss! He acts without any consideration of concern that Americans are watching his despotic methods. His history already proves the person that he is!

    DOJ has the task of handling everything else. Congress has oversight & our President is their boss.

    All should do their jobs… don’t like to give up oversight for any special Mueller. DOJ should
    fire him. Didn’t we learn enough with Clinton & now Russia?

    President Trump should with written orders should order Sessions to do his job. Which would
    order him to constrict Mueller to only what initially was ordered. The supplemental orders from the Russia matter are invalid & illegal plus criminal assumption of the DOJ’s power.

    President, DOJ & Congress have all failed their duties. They all know the situation but failing to perform… non of them are respecting what we are demanding. Of course, citizens are aware & barely tolerating! Americans must now insist that all branches start doing their duties.

    DOJ’s now & past have allowed their staff to takeover. President has to order him to do his job or leave & allow a better & stronger DOJ to get it ALL done!

    Special Counsel must know that he is now operating way outside of his initial order… he must
    be restrained or end.

    Congress has failed their oversight duty by simply allowing DOJ to refuse & obstruct!
    How could our Supreme Court support Congress oversight if Congress lets it happen?

    Our President must begin to force these primary government duties to be performed.

    Or new laws should be proposed… would any citizen accept subordinates doing whatever
    they want simply ignoring the boss! Would any shareholder want the boss to let his employees run a muck?

    Every time Congress allows a Special Counsel they release another uncontrollable monster… the are refusing their oversight responsibility without anyway of controlling it. Does Congress really think this is the intent of our forefathers? Does our President really conclude that DOJ Session can allow uncontrollable authority because he needs to respect himself by not doing his job. Why didn’t he recluse with specific limitations.

    Does the President, DOJ, Congress really think that USA citizens are contenting thinking that we doni’t see what is not happening!

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