Ranking Republican senators are calling on the Department of Justice to appoint a second special counsel to investigate potential abuses by FBI and Justice Department employees connected to their role in the investigation into President Trump.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-SC, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas and Sen. Thom Tillis, R- N.C. officially joined other Congressional members in their call for a special counsel to work alongside DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Horowitz has been conducting an investigation into the matter for more than a year. Graham and Grassley joined Fox News Bret Baier on Thursday’s Special Report and stressed the urgency of getting a special counsel to investigate alongside the Inspector General.

Graham told this reporter on Thursday that he believes a special counsel will be appointed to work alongside Horowitz.

“(Horowitz) is a good guy but institutionally he’s limited,” said Graham. “And with all the intrigue inside the DOJ, appointing an independent special counsel benefits both Democrats and Republicans – nobody can suggest its cooked.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

letter sent to DOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from the senators says they “have the utmost confidence in the Inspector General’s integrity, fairness, and impartiality, and trust that he will complete these reviews in a thorough, unbiased, and timely fashion.”

“However, by statute, the Inspector General does not have the tools that a prosecutor would gather all the facts, such as the ability to obtain testimony from essential witnesses who are not current DOJ employees,” the letter states. “Thus, we believe that a special counsel is needed to work with the Inspector General to independently gather the facts and make prosecutorial decisions if any are merited.  The Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself without these enhanced measures of independence to ensure that the public can have confidence in the outcome.”

Grassley and Graham, who released a redacted version of their own criminal referral of former British spy Christopher Steele last month, noted in the letter to the DOJ that Horowitz does not have access to a grand jury that can compel witnesses to talk. Steele, who put together the unverified dossier accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians, is being investigated for lying to the FBI about his contacts with the media and other matters, as reported. 

“The Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself…”

The two senators had written to the Inspector General’s office in February, “requesting a broad review of more than 30 classified and unclassified questions related to the Trump-Russia probe” but were not able to obtain the information.

“…because the Inspector General lacks access to grand jury process and other prosecutorial tools, a special counsel with such authority may be necessary to compel the production of testimony and information that would otherwise be unobtainable,” a press release from Grassley and Graham issued Thursday stated.

The letter to Sessions and Rosenstein outlines the importance of appointing a special counsel to support Horowitz’s independent investigation.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

The senators state that the appointment “should occur under the specific Justice Department regulations that govern special counsels and limit the scope of their authority. The senators further request that if the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General determines a special counsel is not appropriate or necessary, then the Department designate a U.S. Attorney’s office or another prosecutor with no real or apparent conflict to work” with Horowitz on the case.

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Earlier this month House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-VA, and House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-SC, sent a letter to Rosenstein and Sessions also urging them to appoint a special counsel to investigate the accumulation of evidence uncovered by the congressional committees and Inspector General.

Goodlatte and Gowdy sent a letter addressing evidence uncovered by the House Intelligence Committee that accused the FBI and Justice Department of failing to disclose to the secret FISA court that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee financed the dossier put together by former British spy Christopher Steele at the behest of embattled security firm Fusion GPS.

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  1. I am unclear on the relationship between a special counsel and a grand jury. Does a special counsel hold a grand jury investigation?

    And what is the next step?

    Say a special prosecutor discovered dozens of crimes: making false statements, abuse of power in gaining FISA warrants, money laundering in buying a dossier, obstruction of justice, theft of government property, witness tampering, perjury, etc., what is the next step?

    Filing criminal charges? A criminal trial?

    I fear everything is being slow walked, and the denizens of Democrat-heavy Washington, DC, are protecting their own. Given his reluctance to fire McCabe, I think Sessions is too timid or has too many connections for the job.

  2. What’s taking so long in getting a second counsel to investigate all the crime’s that we’re hearing about? Mueller.s investigators must be blind or Corrupt while all these facts are being exposed on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel.
    Isn’t there any Good Cops out there that can help?
    Americans can only pray that some come forward and Help President Trump out, it’s not all Democrats who are trying to take out Trump and all those who voter for MAGA.
    Get off your Ass Sessions or get out of the job.

  3. You would think the Senate could realize the subterfuge, continuing efforts to destroy an administration, and huge amount of angry constituents, are things that can’t be ignored. A special counsel is more than necessary.

    If there’s nothing to hide, there will be nothing found. It’s worth the effort. You can’t ignore the people, or hide the criminals forever.

  4. The Senators clearly know some particualars of the IG Report.

    It’s so happening. This is kind of an odd story being that AG Jeff Sessions announced in a TV interview, he’s assigned a prosecutor to the DOJ IG Michael Horowitz. Last I heard, you don’t need to add a prosecutor if there’s no crimes.
    Have we reached a crescendo yet? Perhaps not as McCabe’s fall, the IG Report itself should precede the last official step publicly naming the second special counsel.

    The only question I have is wil the assigned prosecutor be elevated to the second Special Counsel role?
    Oh and can I give Sara a hug and say thank you. Congratulations on all your hard work and recognition. Same to John Solomon.

    Keep it going!

  5. Mueller was a smoke screen from day one. His team of highly partisan pit bulls are only there to keep everyone’s attention on Russian collusion, conspiracy to commit collusion, obstruction of justice, or whatever the charge du jour is. They had to cover up all of the spying and unmasking of the Trump team that went on before and after the election. Mueller will continue his investigation through the midterm election cycle. The Dems will use it to sway voters and try and pick up seats so they take the House and the Senate. If they succeed they will impeach Trump.

  6. It is definitely time to investigate the corrupted investigators, it was them all along that colluded and conspired to take trump down with a phony Russian fairy tale.

  7. I hope someone is looking at the e-mails between Rosenstein and Comey. It just seams odd that right after Comey gets fired Rosenstein appoints Mueller as special counsel . Like Comey and Rosenstein had a plan to get Trump.

  8. I hate to be negative or conspiratorial. But why did Sessions wait so long to take on California and sanctuary cities?

    My gut feel is that he is using it for cover for his glacial approach on so many other burning issues!

  9. What a crop of sh*t. There has never been a more worthless and corrupt bunch of self serving Republican Congress people in the history of this country. They wasted tax payers dollars on 12 investigations and more, of Hillary and Benghazi and emails that proved absolutely nothing was done illegally. And now to cover up for the corrupt, conman, liar, and “moron” who got into the White House illegally by working for Putin rather than the American people, they are calling on a partisan DOJ to create another special investigation to piss away more tax payer dollars and create a distraction. The evidence is irrefutable and obvious the DNC and hillary did nothing illegal seeking opposition research from Steele. And nothing illegall was done in dealing with FISA. All of this is false and made up to cover up for the “moron”. Starting with Hannity and Nunes the two biggest Trump butt kisser of all time. Somebody please tell me one thing Gowdy, Graham, Grassly etc.or any of these partisan Republican a-holes have ever done for the American people? And now they are working to cover up Trump and Putin and taking Russia’s side over America. They are traitors and they have no voter mandate for anything they are doing.

  10. The easiest way but messiest at the same time if for the AG to authorize the Federal District Attorney in New York to pursue, with the broadest of mandates, an investigation and indictments related to the classified information on Huma Abedin’s and Carlos Danger’s laptop.

    The DA can call a grand jury and call ANYONE related to that set of crimes, investigate why the FBI did not pursue the evidence in the espionage case against Hillary Clinton. That Grand Jury can be used as a vacuum cleaner to suck in every aspect of the Democrats’ crimes. Joe Di Geneva, the powerhouse former DA, has been calling for a Grand Jury to get people under oath under penalty of perjury to tell the truth.

    Right now this whole kabuki theater is a political dance and posturing. Instead of taking on the Dem’s lies and subterfuge head on, attack at their weakest point with full judicial power. It leads to the Democrat’s “block-chain” of corruption. The interlocking cabal can be taken apart layer by layer.

    In the process, it promises to expose the seedy and evil activities the Dem’s are accused of. The only way to get evidence on human trafficking and human sacrifice is to get everyone under oath. Otherwise, it will spiral into endless buck-passing and a labyrinth of confusion.

  11. “should occur under the specific Justice Department regulations that govern special counsels and limit the scope of their authority”. This does not appear to apply to the BS Mueller investigation. There was no Russia collusion (by DJT) so now he is looking into anything and everything. He needs to be shut down.

  12. Mueller investigation was opened w/o a crime. So they have to look for a crime which makes it easy for mueller to make up crimes. The second special prosecutor investigation has evidence of crimes already to pick from!

  13. Every day this clown show goes in slow motion is one day closer the USA is to being a third-world shithole country! There was some hope after the election we could heal this country, but that is fading really fast. The Democrat Communists will continue destroying this country and the Republicans are so conflicted, they don’t know how to stop them. The Patriots will NOT let the country fall to Soros, NWO or whoever.

  14. This whole mess is wearing us Patriots down, but each day I pray for patience, for God’s hand of protection over Trump, his family, his administration, and the Sarah Carter’s and Hannity’s of America who have worked tirelessly to expose the Deep State. Please know that you are in our prayers, and Patriots NEVER GIVE UP! The truth will prevail in the end! Keep your faith! Have patience and pray!

  15. Thank you, Sara. Thanks to all patriots that are fighting for light to be shone on the evil. As to this subject, we might as well open Pandora’s Box fully to see what happens. Nothing surprises us any more anyway. We know why Rosenstein does not want that to happen. We know Sessions is scared of his own shadow and wants to protect many in the Deep State because of his past associations and complicity. So PDT and honest journalists such as yourself will be needed to dig for the truth. I hope the swamp applied bandage can be ripped off the wound so it can receive treatment in time.

  16. How is it that it only took 4 months to appoint a Special Council to
    fish for evidence where there was none regarding Trump/Russia collusion,
    but after a year and a half there is still no Special Council to look
    into collusion between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the Media, the DOJ, the
    FBI, the State Department and the Russians, where actual, real and
    tangible evidence has been documented and in public record?

    What say you Jeff Sessions?

  17. Grassley doesn’t want Sessions fired, but this idiot can’t follow the will of the Senate and House! Be forewarned, this moron would probably appoint whatever DNC leftover is not on the Special Counsel to head the 2nd one. DoJ, FBI and State are terrified of this and if they have dirt on Sessions they are rubbing his nose in it now. If Mueller wasn’t the dishonest scumbag that he is he would have expanded this into the real crimes of Obama/Clinton Russia treason. It was set up to get Trump only and now the legislature is having buyer’s remorse because of the one-sided nature of it. He is already being allowed to expand his scope by the guilty as sin Rosenstein to protect HIS rear end, but only to get Trump baby. The future of Mueller’s corrupt FBI and our traitors at Justice and State lies in the balance and Sessions holds the key. It seems to me like Mueller is now in overdrive, fearing the consequences of his actions elsewhere, to destroy every Trump associate as a warning. A version of a horse’s head in your bed. I get the feeling they are doing everything possible to keep the truth of Obama’s spying and the POTUS exposing it early on from becoming a reality that makes Trump a victim. He was and is.

  18. Sorry, I forgot. What traitor counseled ( Ha! Ha! ironic phrase ) Trump to appoint Sessions, then Rosenstein, Wray, McMaster, probably Kelly and a rogue’s gallery of slime that loathe President Donald J. Trump to serve HIS interests. This makes Fredo look a stand-up fellow. Somebody fix this mess now.

  19. It seems to me that timing is crucial and complicated. The Republicans have one MAJOR, live or die, objective this year and that is to ensure victory in midterm elections. Everything they do now MUST converge in victory, or there will be no more Republican party. Superimpose that map on top of the many criminal Democrats that must be brought to justice. Match that up with the Democrat’s obstruction of every single move made by Trump or any of his people, including confirming judges and department heads who are needed to overcome the heavily Obama-infected bureaucracy that is needed to cage the known Democrat criminals, and then pour in the intrigue of the world-wide media efforts supported by globalist/socialist billionaires, to sabotage Trump, and there’s more, I’m sure. Given the nearness of those elections and the clear treachery Democrats will lash out with to beat Trump… this is no easy puzzle to speculate about.

  20. McCabe fired, now after his trial, prison, Comey, Lynch, Holder, Mueller, Obama, and Hillary, all should be tried then Jail for Crimes against American VOTERS.

  21. thin the government as for should be terminated immediately. They have been rogue for a long time and need to be accountable, now!
    Wray needs to be told to get the documents or resign, like he threatened to do before, but didn’t because the pension is too great. Read what McCabe’s pension will be if he is not fired………which he should be.
    At this rate the swamp will never be cleaned up, unfortunately.

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