Dem Rep. ends congressional prayer with ‘Amen and awomen’, sparking confusion and criticism

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-MO, opened the 117th Congress with a prayer that ended with an attempt to bring in more gender-inclusive language. The Democratic lawmaker, who is also a pastor, ended his blessing with “Amen and awomen,” sparking confusion and criticism.

Many took to social media to point out that the word “Amen” doesn’t have a gender to it. And as conservative commentator Ben Shapiro observed, the word “is a Biblical Hebrew word: ืืžืŸ. It is a word simply meaning ‘may it be so.’ It has nothing to do with the word ‘man’ or ‘woman’ because it is FROM HEBREW.”

He added, “This is some of the dumbest s*** I have ever seen in my life.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sought to eliminate gendered language from Congress and recently attempted to “mother, father, daughter, and son” in the official House rules at the start of the new Congress.

As The Daily Caller’s Logan Hall revealed on Twitter last week, Pelosi states in her Twitter bio that she’s a “mother” and “grandmother.”