DEADLINE FOR DOCS: Nunes Threatens To impeach Rosenstein And Wray

"We're not messing around here..."

The Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) is threatening to “hold in contempt and impeach” FBI director Christopher Wray and Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if they do not turn over a less than two-page document requested by the committee months ago, which outlined the bureau’s initiation of the case to investigate President Trump’s 2016 campaign and alleged Russia collusion.

The document, known as an “Electronic Communication,” launched the FBI counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, as previously reported. The deadline for the DOJ and bureau to produce the document is Wednesday evening. Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, told this reporter Tuesday night that the “Electronic Communication”  is a central piece of information necessary to their ongoing investigation into the FBI and related matters.

“We’re not messing around here…”

Devin Nunes (R-CA)

Nunes has battled the DOJ and the Bureau for information for more than a year and threatened contempt in January when Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein refused to hand over documentation requested by the committee. Nunes is not expecting the situation to escalate but is adamant that the Committee get the requested “Electronic Communication” as well as the numerous other documents requested by Congress. He has the option to take the DOJ and Bureau to court, hold them in contempt and as a final option call for Wray and Rosentein’s impeachment.

On Tuesday night Nunes told Fox News Laura Ingraham that it “will get really complicated” if the DOJ and FBI do not comply by the deadline.

A congressional official, with knowledge of the ongoing committee investigation, said: “it is one-hundred percent certain that the committee will escalate the matter in a way they won’t like if the deadline is missed.”

Nunes told Ingraham, “we’re not going to just hold in contempt. We will have a plan to hold in contempt and to impeach.”

“To impeach Christopher Wray?” questioned Ingraham.

“Absolutely,” Nunes replied.

“Rod Rosenstein?”

“We’re not messing around here,” said Nunes.

Last week, DOJ Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd sent a letter to the Intelligence Committee saying the DOJ would allow Congress to view the un-redacted version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Application the bureau obtained on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page in a secured facility. Page was accused by former British spy Christopher Steele in his dossier of colluding with the Russians. The Committee, which closed their collusion investigation last month, found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.


Boyd did not address the “Electronic Communication” in the letter.

“The Department considers this an extraordinary accommodation based on unique facts and circumstances,” Boyd said. “We are also extending this review opportunity to the members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Department will be in contact to arrange the appropriate review sessions in the near future.“

Devin Nunes

Boyd also addressed House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has shown his support for Nunes regarding the Committee’s requests for the documents. Ryan, who served nearly two decades in Congress, announced his decision to not seek re-election Wednesday citing he doesn’t want to be “a weekend dad.”

The un-redacted version of the originating “electronic communication” reveals that the Committee is looking into the FBI’s reason for initiating the investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia in the 2016 presidential election. The document is a detailed report of how the Bureau and other intelligence agencies may have obtained the information from Australian authorities of a conversation short-term Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos had with one of their diplomats at a London bar.

As previously reported, Nunes originally asked Wray for assistance on Feb. 27 for an un-redacted copy of the originating “Electronic Communication.” On March 14, when committee investigators were given access to the document from the FBI it was a heavily redacted version, according to the letter and congressional officials. Nunes called Wray on March 15 and voiced his dissatisfaction with the FBI’s failure to produce the UN-redacted documents, according to congressional officials.

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Notable Replies

  1. Maybe one of the trolls posting on here, or even “independent pro-Trump reporter” Sara Carter herself, can explain just exactly why Leaky Nunes wants much less actually needs an un-redacted copy of this particular document?

    And why Leaky Nunes and his fellow Republicans would even talk about holding in contempt and impeaching loyal Republicans appointed by Trump for doing their jobs?

    Other than to deflect and distract from all the coverage of the Trump crime syndicate rollup by the Feds?

    Just another laughable Republican wingnut conpiracy theory, like Pizzagate, Benghazi, Uranium One, Seth Richards, Obama’s birth certificate, …

  2. AJay says:

    Sara - thank you for your tireless work! Will you be exposing Rosenstein & Wray in the near future as you’ve done with Mueller & Weissman? Rush Limbaugh & Dick Morris have briefly started to report on Rosenstein’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian, who was a long-time Clinton lawyer. Roger Stone also reported the following (although I do not know if these specifics are accurate):

    "Enter Lisa Barsoomian, wife of Rod Rosenstein. Lisa is a high-powered attorney in Washington, DC, who specializes in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the Deep State, err, I mean, the Intelligence Communities.

    Lisa Barsoomian works for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who has represented Robert Mueller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama forty-five times, Kathleen Sebellius fifty-six times, Bill Clinton forty times, and Hillary Clinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017.

    Barsoomian participated in some of this work personally and has herself represented the FBI at least five separate times. It would be great to research the specifics of the cases she worked in, many of the documents from the Court Docket relating to these cases have been removed from the D.C. District and Appeals Court, including her representation for Clinton in 1998’s case Hamburg. V. Clinton."

    It would be so helpful to know the truth about Rosenstein’s wife since this may add yet another conflict of interest that needs to be exposed about Rosenstein… and it may help shed more light on his recent actions.

    Lastly, do you happen to know who recommended Wray and Rosenstein to President Trump? Hopefully that person(s) is no longer in the White House; either way, it would be very helpful to know who it was.

  3. In the mean time, while Sara was taking dictation for this post from Nunes and his boys, McClatchy was doing REAL investigative journalism, not taking dictation:

    “CIA Director Mike Pompeo did not disclose last year that he owned a business linked to a Chinese government-owned company, McClatchy reported.”

    And it turns out Bloomberg was doing REAL, not FAKE, investigative journalism also:

    “President Donald Trump personally ordered the Department of Justice to hire a former White House official who departed after he was caught up in a controversy over the release of intelligence material to a member of Congress, according to people familiar with the matter.
    Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who was forced out of the National Security Council last year, will advise Attorney General Jeff Sessions on national security matters. He left the White House in August for a job at Oracle Corp. following reports that he had shown House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes classified documents.”

    Ezra Cohen-Watnick will “advise” 71year old, twenty year senator and current AG Jeff Sessions on “national security matters?”
    Based on what, Cohen-Watnick’s “experience” in “national security matters.”
    Has everyone stopped laughing?
    Besides being a junior, limited experience youngster not even qualified to be a watch officer in most major ops centers, Ezra Cohen-Watnick should have lost not only his access to classified materiel, but also his security clearance for his actions with Nunes.
    But obviously since Cohen-Watnick is a close friend of Jared Kushner, normal national security and clearance procedures don’t apply.

  4. AJay says:

    Sara - I also want to mention that Rod Rosenstein’s involvement in Uranium One should be investigated/exposed. It is discussed in a few articles published by American Thinker.

  5. Sara, any truth to the rumor that Trump is pardoning Scooter Libby, you know Scooter Libby, this felon:"

    “I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former top aide to vice president Dick Cheney who was convicted of lying about his role in the leak of a CIA operative’s identity, has been cleared to practice law again.”

    Libby had been spared serving the 30 month prison term he was sentenced to by Bush, and had already been given his voting rights back by almost convicted felon and former Virginia Republican governor Bob McDonnell (neither of which BTW would ever happen to a black convicted felon).
    And even as a convicted felon Libby can also practice law again, so why pardon Libby now, what’s to be gained?

    So Sara, is Trump pardoning Libby to:

    a.) To distract from the latest news of Trump being a “baby daddy” with a former housekeeper?
    b.) To distract from all the negative publicity from Comey’s new book and book tour?
    c.) To distract from all the negative publicity of Stormy Daniels and dumbass Michael Cohen?
    d.) Because Trump really thinks Libby is a “swell guy?”
    e.) To send a signal to everyone to lie and obstruct justice and you’ll eventually be pardoned by a Republican president, just like with Tricky Dick Nixon, Cap Weinberger, Elliot Abrams, Admiral Poindexter, Claire George, Duane Clarridge, Alan Fiers, etc.?
    f.) All the above?

    The correct answer is f.) All, the above.

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