David Schoen: Dems’ riot videos wouldn’t be ‘admissible in any kind of court of law’

Democratic impeachment managers began their trial against former President Donald Trump by showing a 13-minute graphic video of the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

Many are saying that the footage shown is not admissible in a court of law, including Trump impeachment defense attorney David Schoen.

“They would be thrown out of the court room for showing this video. None of this stuff would be admissible in any kind of court of law,” Schoen said on “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday.

“It’s not only that [the Democratic impeachment team] wanted plenty of video time today, it seems like they wanted a lot of screen time for themselves. They’re clearly playing to the cameras, to the public all of the time,” Schoen said.

The Democratic impeachment team argued that the former president was “singularly responsible” for the deadly Capitol assault.

“[The Democratic impeachment team] talks about unity and healing. Showing that tape over and over again, the same slides and so on, and manipulated by them, does nothing for healing. It’s the exact opposite. It’s continuing to open wounds for the American public and it is something that President Trump condemned in no uncertain terms, the terrible violence that went on there. So there’s not an issue abut that. They’re just hoping to drum up emotion and get their last shots in at President Trump,” Schoen continued.

When asked if his team is prepared to show similar compelling videos showing that the Democrats could be said to have incited riotous behavior as well, Schoen replied, “It’s a pretty good bet.”

“I don’t commit publicly to any strategy that we’re going to use, I just don’t think it’s wise, but I think that you’ll be quite impressed with the President’s case.”

The Senate will reconvene at noon on Thursday when the prosecution will resume oral arguments.

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