Cuomo’s ‘COVID Czar’ immediately resigned after losing exemption to ethics laws

Cuomo’s right-hand man for COVID-19 in the state of New York immediately resigned after losing an exemption to ethics laws.

Larry Schwartz stepped down after COVID advisors lost their “volunteer” label, thus making them him subject to ethics laws in the state.

The Post Millennial reported Saturday that COVID-19 advisors had previously not been responsible for disclosing financial information and there were no anti-lobbying provisions in place.

Scwartz has been active in the governor’s response to COVID-19. Cuomo’s secretary Melissa DeRosa tweeted a note of thanks to the now-former COVID “Czar.”

“I can’t think of another public servant who has sacrificed more than Larry Schwartz in their entire career than he has over the last year as a volunteer,” she said.

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