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Cuomo blames Trump ‘political football’ for his nursing home strategy that killed over 12,000



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When asked Friday for his message to families who lost loved ones in nursing homes, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) punted the blame, declaring Trump turned the tragedy into a “political football.”

The report release by the New York Attorney General, accuses the Cuomo administration of underreporting nursing home deaths by as much as 50%.

Cuomo spoke to reporters yesterday in the wake of the damaging report released Thursday by Attorney General Letitia James. The findings accuse the Cuomo administration of underreporting nursing home deaths by as much as 50%, as reported by the Post Millennial.

“Where this starts is, frankly, a political attack from prior federal administration,” Cuomo said. “What I would say is everyone did the best they could.”

Cuomo was asked to give a message “as a father, as a son” to families who lost loved ones in nursing homes. Apparently, this looked like the perfect opportunity to blame former President Trump instead of giving a caring and heartfelt message.

“When I say the the State Department of Health, as the report said, the State Department of Health followed federal guidance, so if you think there was a mistake then go talk to the federal government,” he said.

The report found that “published nursing home data reflected and may have been undercounted by as much as 50 percent,” Attorney General Letitia James’ found in this investigation, as reported by NBC News.

Cuomo repeatedly reminded the audience and viewers that people died and it was the federal government’s fault.

“It’s not about pointing fingers or blame, it’s that this became a political football, right,” he asked. “Look, whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home, it’s people dying. People dying.”

Cuomo reminded reporters that most of the coronavirus deaths are people with preexisting conditions, something the governor seemed to have forgotten when shutting down and killing the state’s restaurant industry.

“People died. By the way, the same people are dying today. 96 percent of the people who die are older people with comorbidities, which happens to be the population that lives in nursing homes. It’s continuing today,” the governor said.

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Nebraska woman who detransitioned sues doctors who facilitated removal of ‘healthy breasts’ when she was a teen battling mental health



Screen Shot 2023 09 17 at 10.05.58 PM

Nebraska woman Luka Hein is suing Nebraska Medicine, the Nebraska Medical Center, and University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Physicians who facilitated in her gender transition when she was a teenager; Hein has since detransitioned.

Hein, who is being represented by the Center for American Liberty, filed the suit last week, for removal of her healthy breasts when she was a depressed teenager who struggled with mental health.

“Proceeding straight to breast amputation in a depressed, anxiety-ridden, gender-confused adolescent, who was incapable of understanding the lasting consequences of her decision, constitutes negligence for which Defendants are jointly and severally liable,” the lawsuit states.

Fox News reports:

Throughout adolescence, Hein struggled with her mental health and traumatic experiences, including being allegedly groomed and threatened by an adult man. She had serious mental-health struggles at age 13. By 15 she was diagnosed with “gender identity disorder” and put on a fast track to have her breasts removed, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that despite Hein’s history, doctors rushed her into gender transition without considering her psychological comorbidities. It says the defendants used deceptive euphemisms and unscientific terminology to sell gender-transition procedures to Hein.

For instance, their use of the phrase “masculinizing hormone therapy” was misleading as the process does not heal the patient but does “inflict harm that causes malfunctioning and malformation of the teenage body and brain,” according to the lawsuit. Testosterone injections, which Hein received as part of her attempted sex change, can cause many negative side effects including high blood pressure and permanent bodily changes such as the development of an Adam’s apple, deepening of the voice, abnormal hair growth, and male pattern balding of the scalp.

The lawsuit says defendants were also negligent in other ways, such as in their shifting from a standard medical diagnosis to the “affirming care” model, which embraces a person’s gender delusion as fact and discourages questioning.

Allegedly one doctor, Nahia J. Amoura, was prepared to go even further. “About a year after starting Luka on testosterone, Dr. Amoura recommended to Luka that she surgically remove her uterus in a partial hysterectomy as the next step in her ‘transition,’” the lawsuit states. The hysterectomy would have permanently sterilized Hein and created hormonal imbalances that would have required long-term medical follow-ups.

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