‘Crossfire Hurricane’: An FBI Insider Story On James Comey And How He Targeted Trump

Josh Campbell, who worked as special assistant to former FBI director James Comey, is clearly not a fan of Donald Trump. In latest book ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, however, he takes the readers behind the scenes of the earliest days of the Russia investigation—codenamed ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ by the FBI.

Only a handful of people knew about the Christopher ‘Steele dossier’ back then, they were a selected team close to James Comey, and they knew, based on the evidence, that the dossier was unverified.

Campbell reveals fresh new details about the meeting his boss [Comey] had with President Donald Trump at Trump Tower on January 6, 2017.

Read these passages from the book:

On our drive to Trump Tower, I asked the agent seated up front to slow our roll, and he eventually found an open space a few blocks away where we could pull over and wait for the others to catch up. “Do you have the laptop?” Comey inquired, the third time he had asked me that day. “Check,” I replied, pointing to the vehicle behind us, where an FBI communications specialist sat with a secure bag containing a laptop computer that was certified for the transmission of information classified as Top Secret.

“Once safely back in the car, I immediately handed Comey the secure laptop. He didn’t say a thing—the first time we had ever climbed into a vehicle without exchanging words—but began typing. He paused every so often to stare out the window as we navigated the city, and then went back to his writing.

“After about twenty minutes, and following a thorough proofread, he handed me the computer, pointing to the place on the screen where I should begin reading. I was now learning Comey’s version of a meeting that would spell the beginning of the end of his career, and one that would mark the start of a veritable hurricane—a torrent of attacks on the rule of law that would risk threatening the viability of our national institutions of justice.”One of the most bizarre meetings of my life,” James Comey said woefully before resuming his gaze out the window at the passing cityscape.”

As Breitbart reports, the significance of Comey’s actions take on new context after the Justice Department’s inspector general report last month related that prior to the briefing, FBI members on Comey’s team discussed the need to memorialize the exchanges between Comey and Trump just in case Trump made statements relevant to the agency’s Russia probe.

In other words, they plotted to stealthily use statements Trump said to Comey in a private briefing to inform their Russia collusion investigation without telling Trump that his comments were being memorialized for the controversial probe. This despite Comey admitting to telling Trump that the president was not a target of the FBI investigation.

Read more on this at Breitbart. 

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