John Huber MIA? Crickets At DOJ

If there is anything we’ve learned over the past two years is that information leaked vociferously to select media outlets regarding the Department of Justice Special Counsel investigation into Russia and President Trump. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to get information or leaks on the apparent DOJ investigations into alleged malfeasance by the FBI in the Trump Russia probe.

For two years, we’ve seen insurmountable evidence pile up against the DOJ and FBI. We’ve also seen extraordinary national security leaks against the president and those around him. DOJ and FBI officials, however, won’t answer any questions regarding these investigations. Instead, they resort to the “no comment,” send reporters on wild goose chases or just decline to comment.

All we know is that Attorney General Jeff Session’s appointed former Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber to investigate the allegations stemming regarding the FBI probe into Trump and alleged Russian collusion in March, 2018. However, it’s almost impossible to locate him or find anyone with any idea of what he’s actually doing.

A congressional source told that “no one in Congress has any indication Huber has talked to anyone, requested documents, or done anything else.”

“It seems like his entire appointment was just a maneuver for Sessions to get the heat off him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the conduct of the Trump investigation,” the congressional official added.

For now, Huber appears to be a mystery.

The Leaks

For example, revealing the name of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and his private phone conversation with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Trump’s private conversations with foreign leaders, the former British Spy Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier, as well as private conversations between Trump and former FBI Director James Comey just to name a few. We’ve even seen leaks that are presumably flat out lies. One example, was the Reuters story regarding Michael Cohen’s trip to Prague that has never been proven but apparently was leaked by senior U.S. officials.

James Clapper allegedly leaked to CNN the private briefing on the salacious dossier given by Comey to Trump in Jan, 2017, according to information in the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia report. Is Clapper being investigated? I wouldn’t know because the DOJ won’t answer that question.

What we do know is that he got a swanky gig on CNN as a commentator after he retired.

The latest leak, was the tip off to CNN on the FBI predawn raid at Roger Stone’s home. It was a court side view of what happens when you’re close to the president and sent a signal to all those around Trump that the Justice Department can operate with impunity. Of course, CNN was more than happy to show the world what happens when someone rubs Mueller the wrong way with the “Roger Stone Must Have Made Mueller Really Mad” story.

Where Is Matt Whitaker? 

First, I have to wonder where is Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on all these investigations and . I’m not the only one wondering, may congressional lawmakers I’ve spoken with have the same questions.

On Feb. 8, lawmakers should have the opportunity to ask. The House Oversight Committee announced that Whitaker has agreed to the hearing. Expect the Democrats, led by new Chairman Jerry Nadler to grill Whitaker on his views regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Whitaker should also expect a slew of questions from Republicans, who are concerned that the DOJ has failed to adequately investigate the litany of alleged crimes committed by former Obama Administration officials in the FBI’s handling of Trump Russia probe.

Where Is John Huber?

“Huber – his work continues,” DOJ SAID BUT “Decline to comment beyond that.”

This is one of the most perplexing questions.

We have rarely seen any leaks regarding the investigation allegedly being conducted by Huber.

Session’s appointed Huber to look into abuse of power at the FBI in the Russia Trump investigation and whether “any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.” The Utah attorney was also appointed to look into issues regarding the Uranium One scandal involving Hillary Clinton and other members of the Obama administration.

Huber’s allegedly leading an investigation, I say, because numerous witnesses that should have been interviewed have never been interviewed. Allegedly is also the operative word because DOJ refuses to answer even the most simplest of questions regarding Huber and his investigation.

I contacted the new DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupek. Here’s the list of questions emailed to her verbatim.

US Attorney John Huber

  1. Is John Huber in Washington D.C.?
  2. How much money has he spent on travel?
  3. How many FISA applications has he reviewed?
  4. How many witnesses have been interviewed?
  5. How many documents has he requested?
  6. Has the DOJ responded to the slew of questions requested by Rep. Mark Meadows in his letter?
  7. How much money has the investigation cost up until this point?
  8. Have any charges been brought on anything Huber has been investigating?

DOJ Response from Kupec

Here’s the response regarding all the questions above:

“Huber – his work continues,” said Kupec. “Decline to comment beyond that.”

What? I sent another email this Monday saying, “Really? This response is unacceptable, considering I’m not really asking any questions that would violate or risk an ongoing investigation.”

DOJ Declines Comment

I’ve now created a “No Comment” tab on my website to continually post all the stories where government officials fail to comment.

It’s quite remarkable that the DOJ fails to answer the most simple questions. It’s also quite remarkable that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s majority of indictments are process crimes, or crimes committed before President Trump ever sought office, however, real evidence of crimes isn’t being investigated.

No wonder the American people are fed up and have little trust in the institutions they once revered.

Well, I’m not giving up. I’m sending those questions and much more, everyday until I get an answer beyond “no comment.”

In fact, you should too.