Cory Booker Will Give Every Child $1000 Every Year – If You Vote Him In 2020

Remember Democrat candidate Andrew Yang whos is campaigning on Universal Basic Income? If elected, Yang would give $1,000 every month to every U.S. citizen 18.

Now Cory Booker, comes up with a better idea, which he says would close the racial wealth gap in America. Booker calls his plan, “Baby Bonds”, which would give $1,000 to every child that is born in USA, every year, until they reach 18 years old. Money from this policy could not be withdrawn before the account holder turns 18, and could be used only for specific purposes, including college expenses, home purchases, entrepreneurship and retirement. According to the analysis, “account size would range from just over $1,700 for individuals growing up in affluent households to nearly $50,000 for individuals raised in very low-income households.”