Coronavirus: U.S. Military Shoppers Will Face Limited ‘war-time’ Like Meat Rations

United States military personnel will face fresh meat rations during shopping at commissaries throughout the country in military grocery stores because of anticipated shortages in the supply chain, according to the Defense Commissary Agency.

Starting Friday customers throughout the U.S., to include Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, will only be allowed to purchase two packages of fresh beef, chicken, pork and turkey, according to the Stars and Stripes.

The Defense Commissary Agency, which manages a worldwide chain of grocery stores on military bases to provide military personnel, retirees, select veterans and their families food and household products, is often the main source of cheaper groceries for those who serve or served their country.

The limits on meat purchases is a huge shift, as the agricultural, meat and farming industries have said the coronavirus pandemic is limiting their ability to produce products leading to plant closures.

The crisis is also evident in many civilian grocery stores, as recently posted on Instagram by this reporter living in the Northern Virginia area.

According to the Associated Press, 20 meatpacking plants have closed temporarily due to outbreaks among employees at the plants. In other plants and food industry services employers have limited their workforce to mitigate the spread of the virus, therefore adding to the shortages.