According to the Miami Herald, Kinsa Health, a San Francisco based company that makes Internet-connected thermometers, has recorded ‘widespread atypical illness’ throughout Florida in the late flu season.

The paper noted that public health experts say the unexplained rise in fevers in the late flu season may be a sign of coronavirus infections and are raising concerns that the virus may be far wider spread than earlier reports.

From the Miami Herald: 

The thermometer data serves as an early warning of illness, and the company has used it to track the spread of the flu in Florida and around the country for six years.

As the novel coronavirus has spread, Kinsa Health has tracked a “strong correlation” between confirmed COVID-19 cases and illness that cannot be explained or attributed to seasonal flu across Florida, potentially indicating the spread of the virus is faster than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was reporting it, said Patrick Phillips, head of data science for Kinsa Health.

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