Coronavirus: Does testing matter?

“I think [coronavirus] testing matters now more than ever,” said Dr. Marc Siegel on Tucker Carlson’s Show Wednesday night.

“Because there is something called the public health numerator, which is people showing up in hospitals…we need to be able to get to know the denominator, how many cases are there,” continued Dr. Siegel. He emphasized that we need to be able to differentiate from those that are mildly ill, which could then be separated so they don’t spread the virus to people that could get more severely ill, specially the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Dr. Siegel applauded President Trump’s decision to appoint Admiral Giroir to coordinate COVID-19 diagnostic testing efforts.

Admiral Giroir will coordinate COVID-19 diagnostic testing efforts among Public Health Service agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, as well as state and local public health authorities and private or public clinical laboratories. “A key priority is to ensure that patients, doctors, and hospitals can access tests seamlessly and with maximum ease, and Dr. Giroir will lead efforts to execute on that goal,” said HHS Secretary Azar in his statement regarding the appointment.