Halloween is around the corner and we all will be receiving emails, texts or watch TV ads from United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, for all of us to consider donating pennies or dollars to help the world’s poor children.

But have you ever asked the question as to where are your dollars going and how much of them actually reach those poor kids in Africa, Asia or elsewhere?

SaraACarter.Com reviewed the 2017 tax filings for National Committee of ‘UNICEF USA’, according to which the cost of funneling such donations via UNICEF’s national committees to the United Nations’s Headquarters is getting so expensive that it deserves special attention or audit.

They all tell us to be charitable, yet when it comes to their personal compensation, it clearly leaves us with lots of questions.

Our website will be focusing more on how they spend their program money in the months to come, but for the time being take a look below to annual salaries and bonuses that the upper echelon of UNICEF USA receives.

Click on the image to read full pdf document: