Collusion Narrative Unravels As Transcripts Reveal Lack of Evidence To Obtain A FISA

President Trump is nearing the end of a three-year battle over now disproven allegations of Russia collusion. Rep. Doug Collins released new transcripts Monday night. Investigative reporter Sara A. Carter pointed to Trisha Anderson’s testimony. According to Carter, Anderson was an FBI lawyer who worked in the area of national security who worked directly with James Baker and Lisa Page.

“She talks about Bruce Ohr in the 302s, she talks about the fact that she basically signed off on the first FISA warrant on Carter Page,” Carter explained Monday to Sean Hannity.

Further, Carter said she believes exculpatory evidence regarding information on Carter Page and George Papadopolous were withheld from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by FBI officials.

“Trisha Anderson basically tries to downplay Bruce Ohr’s involvement when they question about being the backchannel for Christopher Steele after the FBI fired him,” said Carter.

According to Carter, Anderson evaded repeated questioning as to whether there was enough evidence to obtain a FISA on Trump. Carter said the transcripts – along with other evidence obtained by Congress and the soon to be released DOJ’s Inspector General report – will reveal that senior FBI and DOJ officials involved in the Trump campaign investigation with Russia curtailed the rule of law.