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CNN’s April Ryan Asks If Stay At Home Protestors Should Refuse Medical Care If They Contract COVID



CNN Political Analyst April Ryan asked her Twitter followers Monday if stay at home protestors gathering across the country to push for state and local economies to reopen amid a pandemic should refuse medical care if they contract the coronavirus.

“Should #StayAtHome protestors who endanger other Americans by not following CDCgov guidelines about physical distancing be required to sign a waiver refusing medical attention at a hospital and not take up a ventilator if they contract coronavirus? #COVID19 #StayHome,” she wrote on Twitter.

Protestors in many states argue that their state and local officials have implemented unnecessary and overly restrictive measures to keep them at home amid the pandemic, which is costing them their jobs and income. In Michigan, for example, Governor Gretchen Whitmer halted the sales of gardening seeds, paint, and furniture, and completely shut down certain industries such as landscaping businesses.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition gathered a large group of protestors on Wednesday, asking to return to work. The group, however, didn’t discount the health risks of bringing a large group together saying on their website, “We are all concerned for those afflicted with COVID 19. Yes, many of the personal behaviors we have been reminded to use are good practices. Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Stay home if you are sick. That said, Michiganders are fed up!”

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Feds tell Just The News ‘Georgia student’s accused killer entered U.S. illegally, was paroled under Biden policies’




The man who murdered 22 year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley has been confirmed as suspect Jose Ibarra, an illegal Venezuelan immigrant who was released prior to the murder under Biden administration policies.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed Sunday that the Venezuelan man was Jose Ibarra. 26 year-old Ibarra entered the U.S. illegally, was arrested by Customs and Border Protection agents on Sept. 8, 2022, after he unlawfully entered the U.S. near El Paso, Texas, but was “paroled and released for further processing,” ICE said.

Ibarra was arrested again a year later, on Sept. 14, 2023, by NYPD officers and charged with acting in a manner to injure a child under 17 and a motor vehicle license violation, ICE added, reports Just The News.

Riley was murdered near the University of Georgia campus in Athens on Friday was directly impacted by the “liberalization of immigration policies by Democrats”. Just The News adds “Federal immigration officials said the Venezuelan national was released by New York authorities before a detainer could be issued. As a so-called sanctuary city, New York generally prevents police from complying with ICE detainers.”

“The official timeline of Ibarra’s immigration record only renewed ire among Republicans demanding that President Joe Biden tighten border security and that prosecutors deliver  swift justice to Riley’s killer” writes Just The News.

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