CNN reporter tells Mike Lindell he has ‘proof of nothing’ regarding election fraud

By Jenny Goldsberry

Investigative reporter for CNN Drew Griffin grilled MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Thursday on his theories surrounding the 2020 presidential election. But, ultimately Griffin found that Lindell only has theories and no proof.

First, Lindell showed the reporter screenshots he’d grabbed of voter metadata. “These images are just publicly available voter data scrolling across the screen, not proof of election hacking,” Griffin said. Then, Griffin passed them on to two dozen different cyber security experts, who reported they’re “proof of nothing.” Instead, the experts found they were “extremely rudimentary metadata” and “completely ridiculous.”

In response, Lindell disputed the experts. “He’s wrong,” Lindell said. “Well, then, you didn’t hire a cybersecurity expert.”


Another talking point of the MyPillow CEO has been the 15 counties where he guarantees there’s been cyber fraud. They’re mostly in the midwest and one in Arizona but both Republican and Democrat districts. When CNN followed up with the election officials of each county, each official confirmed that those counties only used paper ballots. No cyber crime could have disrupted their results, they told CNN.

When Griffin said he’d followed up with all the counties, all Lindell could say was “Good for you.” He shrugged at the reporter’s update.

Now, Lindell is straying from the pack of election county officials, judges and even former Attorney General Bill Barr, and sticks to his theories.

In the end, after raising his voice and talking over the reporter, he offered him a hug. Griffin told him he was worried Lindell “could possibly be the victim of a scam.”

“We should give a hug,” Lindell laughed. “Are you worried about me? You’re worried about ol’ Mike? God bless you.”

Watch the full segment here.

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