UPDATED: CNN Buys Out Hundreds, Brian Stelter Insists ‘No Layoffs’

–Read Note to Editor at the end.–

Hurting in ratings, CNN is now pushing for ‘voluntary layoffs’.

CNN says roughly 100 employees have accepted voluntary buyouts a month after an overhaul by parent company AT&T.

Brian Stelter, also confirmed the rumor,  trying to spin it as “hundreds of staffers leaving CNN, as voluntary buyouts.”

In a tweet, Brian Stelter said:

There’s a rumor making the rounds today about big impending layoffs at CNN. A CNN spokeswoman is knocking it down on the record: “No layoffs.” There WERE voluntary buyouts throughout the organization, and about 100 people opted for it.


This morning SaraACarter.com was contacted by CNN’s Brian Stelter, who asked our editorial to update the story. This is what he said:

“Sara, your blog post about me yesterday was factually incorrect. Will you be fixing it?

Buyouts: a voluntary way to leave with a big payout. Layoffs: forced firings. It’s strange that you pretended not to know the difference.” 

However, “buyouts are a common method for reducing the number and cost of employees.”