Clintons Accused of Nepotism and Revenge In New Book By Trina Vargo

A new tell all book reveals Bill and Hillary Clinton allegedly used their name to try and get Chelsea Clinton’s former boyfriend a scholarship and then allegedly sought revenge on the scholarship organization when its founder supported Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign.

“Shenanigans: the U.S.-Ireland Relationship in Uncertain Times” by Trina Vargo suggests the Clinton’s used their position and power to grant favors to those they were close to, or seek revenge against those who didn’t back them.

Vargo, a former advisor to the Clintons, didn’t hold back in her book. She accused the political duo of making life uncomfortable for the foundation if they didn’t act on behalf of the Clintons.

According to a review of the book in the New York Post, Vargo says that in November, 2000 she was warned by then then-senator George Mitchell that Bill Clinton had phoned to say he was “very unhappy” that Chelsea’s boyfriend had not been shortlisted for the scholarship. The short list named roughly 200 candidates and Chelsea’s boyfriend didn’t make the cut.

Good Friday Agreement of 1998

Vargo is a longtime Democratic foreign policy adviser and founder of the US-Ireland Alliance. According to the Guardian report, Vargo was also the founder of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship, named after the former U.S. Senator.

Further, the report also reveals that the Clintons worked with Mitchell to broker the 1998 Good Friday agreement. The purpose of the agreement was to strengthen ties between Ireland and Britain.

According to the Independent, Bill Clinton sent then-senator George Mitchell to Ireland to promote U.S. interests in Northern Ireland. Additionally, the talks came on the heels of civil unrest in the region.

“What Happened” with Chelsea’s Boyfriend

The Mitchell Scholarship’s sends 12 ‘future American leaders’ to Ireland each year. In 2000, Chelsea Clinton’s boyfriend was not part of that scholarship pool. Vargo’s book explains that then-President Bill Clinton called Mitchell to express his unhappiness with the decision. Moreover, Bill Clinton had written a letter of recommendation that appeared to have zero influence.

“It would be hard to believe that the timing of the president’s call wasn’t aimed at influencing us to make him a finalist,” writes Vargo.

Cloaked Revenge

Mitchell did not fulfill Bill Clinton’s request to grant the scholarship to Chelsea’s boyfriend. Bill Clinton responded by cutting funding for the scholarship. Vargo backed then-candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination race, which she believes motivated the funding cut.

“Vargo became part of the Clintons’ ‘enemies list’ as a result of her work on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008,” according to her new book.

In 2012, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cut State Department funding for the Mitchell Scholarship.

Vargo has sent several FOIA requests to determine the motivation behind the Clinton’s actions to pull funding. Vargo has yet to receive anything sufficient to explain, she states.