Clinton, DNC Lawyers ‘Enlisted Foreign Interference’ In U.S. Election, Not Trump

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on the Graham Norton show. Hillary says she’s still deliberating on a 2020 presidential run. (screenshot)

If you look over the past three years of Democratic statements regarding Russia’s interference in the U.S. election you would think the Trump administration and Republicans had direct access to the Kremlin. It was all lies but the reality is stranger than fiction. It was Democrats and those who supported them that enlisted foreign interference to target the Trump campaign. They enlisted and paid a former British spy, who testified he paid former Russians for the information – now known lies – on President Donald Trump and his campaign.

It was a web of deceit that gathers more and more evidence, more and more players, as Congress, the Department of Justice, Inspector General and journalists pull at its threads.

In fact, it was Democratic lawmakers, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and their lawyers that actually enlisted foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. election against President Donald Trump and the American people.

The evidence is revealed in the back and forth question and answers directed by Congressional members at the lawyers hired by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. One of the most interesting and revealing testimonies is that given by DNC lawyer Marc C. Elias, with Perkins Coie law firm, who played a central role in hiring the research firm Fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher Steele to investigate President Donald Trump’s campaigns alleged Russia ties at the behest of the DNC and HRC campaign.

Elias’ law firm appears to be intricately woven into many facets of the FBI’s Russia probe. First, not only did Elias’ firm represent Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, but it also represented Crowdstrike, the private company hired by the DNC to investigate the alleged hacking by Russia into the DNC server. Moreover, it is Elias again, who intervened in the case of Trump’s long time friend and advisor Roger Stone. Elias recently challenged Stone in court and stopped Stone’s lawyers from obtaining a copy of Crowdstrike’s report on its investigation into the hacking of the DNC servers.

Moreover, in the newly declassified transcripts Elias reveals the money his law firm paid on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign to Fusion GPS was going to Steele. Steele’s dossier has now been debunked but “he is a foreign spy who was paid to investigate a presidential candidate and used Russian disinformation to divide the nation,” stated a former U.S. Intelligence official, directly familiar with Steele. “The only real foreign interference in the election was paid for by Clinton and the DNC.”

David Schoen, who now represents Stone but has been outspoken on FBI probe into Trump, told said that Elias role and that of his law firm in the Russia investigation must be investigated. In fact, Elias sought approval from Mook to pay Fusion GPS $60,000 per month from HRC and DNC through Perkins Coie. And then Fusion GPS testified it paid Steele $168,000 for his work, which was known to Elias.

Schoen said these connections and Elias’ own testimony raise serious questions. He noted that the trial judge in Stone’s case took the most unusual step of allowing Elias “to intervene in the case against Mr. Stone for one specific purpose – to prevent Mr. Stone’s defense team from obtaining a copy of the CrowdStrike report into who actually was behind the hacking of the DNC’s server.”

Schoen, a civil rights and criminal defense attorney, also noted that “Mr. Elias has played a significant role in a number of matters about which the American people need to know a lot more.”

For example, before intervening in Stone’s case to prevent his defense team from pursuing an area of defense investigation through the CrowdStrike report, according to an October 25, 2017 Washington Post article, “it was Mr. Elias who, as general counsel to the Clinton campaign, and on behalf of her campaign and the DNC, hired Fusion GPS to create the research that resulted in the now-discredited ‘Steele dossier,” said Schoen.

Schoen said the judge in Stone’s case accused his client of trying to get opposition research against Hillary Clinton to try to affect the 2016 election when she sentenced him to 40 months in prison but it was actually the DNC, Elias and others who had enlisted foreigners to interfere in the election.

“Some Americans might fairly ask why there doesn’t seem to be even an investigation into Mr. Elias’s hiring of Fusion GPS specifically to create opposition research against Donald Trump to affect that same 2016 election, through the use of Christopher Steele, a foreign agent. That would seem like a fair question.”

The now-debunked dossier led not only to a contrived FBI investigation into the Trump campaign but eventually to Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation and then years of congressional probes. Further, Elias’ firm was paid more than $12 million between 2016 and 2017 for its work representing Clinton and the DNC. And Elias sought approval from Clinton Campaign manager Robby Mook to hire Fusion GPS and pay Steele for his work on the transcript.

In 2017, Mook said he authorized Elias to hire a firm to investigate Trump’s ties with Russia and stated that Elias periodically briefed the Clinton campaign about Fusion’s findings.

Under questioning in December, 2017 by then-Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-SC,  Elias was asked what he knew about Fusion using Steele and then Steele’s role in spreading the information he put in his dossier to media outlets.

Elias, who is the head of the Perkins Coie law firm, admitted that he hired Fusion GPS, the private research firm, on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“So with respect to this particular project, I consulted with Robby Mook, who was the campaign manager, to get budget approval to be able to spend money in order for me to retain consultants,” Elias said in his testimony.

He told Gowdy that he was “aware that (Steele) talked to media outlets in that time period.” He also told Gowdy that he knew about the meetings between Steele and the media before they happened.” Moreover, Elias said he was present at meetings where Fusion GPS would discuss what media outlets Steele would meet with regarding information contained in his dossier.