July 14, 2020

Climate Expert: Young People Think The World Is Ending. There’s No Science For Any Of It.

Michael Shellenberger has been an environmentalist for decades. But, he recently came to the realization that the hysteria surrounding climate change and the view of a looming apocalypse were overhyping and even mischaracterizing our ever-changing globe.

As a father to a young daughter, Shellenberger realized that young people were being fed a narrative that’s scaring them into thinking the world will end in a matter of years if there isn’t drastic change from humans.

The fear, Shellenberger told “The Sara Carter Show” Monday, is doing more harm than good.

“I became very concerned about this last year,” he explained. “My daughter is 14. She’s fine because I explain the science to her. But a number of her friends are very worried that they won’t live long enough to have kids… It’s become very anti-human story that’s been told there’s so much negativity. Apocalypse in there. There’s a science for any of it. The IPCC, which actually invited me to be an expert reviewer, that’s the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, invited me last year to be an expert reviewer. They don’t predict any deaths from climate change. So, you know, in one of the strategies that climate alarmists have used has been to confuse people into thinking natural disasters have gotten worse.”

There is, however, evidence, Shellenberger explained, that shows great progress with the environment such as a decreased number of deaths from natural disasters, which he describes in his new book, “APOCALYPSE NEVER: WHY ENVIRONMENTAL ALARMISM HURTS US ALL.” He also explains why nuclear power is the future of clean energy.

“The truth is, they’ve gotten better. We’ve had a 90% decline in deaths from natural disasters, that something we should celebrate, that hardly anybody gets killed by hurricanes or cyclones or floods anymore. And most of those problems are manageable. So what I wanted to do is write ‘APOCALYPSE NEVER’ to separate out science from science fiction.”

Shellenberger believes our planet is changing and that there are real issues to be solved, but they aren’t the issues getting enough attention. Moreover, they’re issues that have gotten lost in the hysteria.

Shellenberger said, “There are serious environmental problems in the world. Climate change is real. It’s not one of our most serious environmental problems. And I think we’ve really lost sight of the fact that we still have two billion people that are living in dire poverty that still use wood as fuel, and we’ve sort of forgotten about them.”

“And so one of the things I wanted to do with the ‘APOCALYPSE NEVER’ was to tell the story of of the aspirations of people in Africa and Asia and Latin America who still wanna live modern lives and deserve to and expose the ways in which so many of my colleagues have been trying to kind of keep people down in the very in various ways.”

The reason that positive information is suppressed is because of both financial and political interests, Shellenberger said,. He also explained that the recent environmental news shows progress, but “you just never hear it because there’s people that are trying to get control over the economy, over your over our lives, over our society. Most of them don’t have very good motivations, I’m afraid to report.”

“There’s financial interests here. There’s political interests. And I think there’s just a lot of lost souls, as I say, people that are trying to kind of construct a new religion when really what we need to be doing is just caring for the planet, caring for each other. It’s really simple things that make a difference in terms of improving our environment. We don’t need this kind of radical takeover of the economy.”

Because his views are unpopular among the environmentalist community, Shellenberger’s new book has been censored by both Forbes and Youtube for spreading “false information.” He’s chosen to not back down and his book continues to be a best-seller.