Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘is Not Aging’ Because He Doesn’t Care Enough For The Country

“It’s been almost three years since Trump won the presidency,” Chris Cuomo said during his CNN show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” on Tuesday. “He looks exactly the same.”

“His hair is—I don’t know what’s going on with that. But he may do things that presidents in the past haven’t done to augment their physical reality, but it could also be he doesn’t care the way others have,” he added.

Cuomo showed a clip of former President Obama saying that “a lot of things” kept him up at night as president. “Now while I wish poor sleep on no man, maybe this president could use a sleepless night or two, less executive time, fewer hours in front of the TV and on the golf course,” Cuomo said.

“I mean come on, look at Clinton’s hair — went white,” Cuomo said. “George W. Bush looks like he got a beat down. Obama looks like his own grandfather … this is a very hard job because of the stress they carry with them.”