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Chip Roy says John Kerry should resign ‘because he is a fool’, dangerous to US and Israel



Rep chip roy

Rep. Chip Roy, R-TX, issued a scathing statement Tuesday, joining some of his Republican colleagues in calling for former Secretary of State John Kerry to resign.

“John Kerry should resign – not because of the reported troubling statements, per se, but because he is a fool and endangers our nation and Israel,” Roy said.

Roy was referring to reports that Kerry, who now serves as the Biden administration’s Climate Czar, allegedly divulged secret information about Israel’s operations in Syria to Iranian officials.

The New York Times obtained leaked audio from Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who made the claims that Kerry knew about 200+ Israeli operations in Syria.

Roy slammed not just Kerry, but the Biden administration for “stabbing Israel in the back,” saying he called China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin before calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Moreover, Roy suggested that Kerry “is more interested in preening on the international stage and pretending to be Secretary of State while promoting unicorn energy policies that empower Iran, China, and our enemies rather than America and Israel.”

Roy concluded, “There should be no question whose side America is on. Indeed, the only question we should be asking is if Joe Biden stands with John Kerry, Iran, and our enemies or with Israel. Which is it, Mr. President?”

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CIA director meets with Israeli PM to arouse regional support following drone attack



cia hq wash dc

[brid autoplay=”true” video=”780563″ player=”23886″ title=”rocket%20fire%20israel” duration=”63″ description=”israel palestinian conflict” uploaddate=”2014-03-17″ thumbnailurl=”//” contentUrl=”//″]

By Jenny Goldsberry

Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns visited Israel Wednesday in an effort to rally regional support amidst attacks from Iran. Burns discussed possibilities for regional cooperation with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Late July, drones struck an Israeli tanker off the coast of Oman. As a result, two crew members died. Since then, the United States blamed Tehran for the attack. Iranian officials deny their involvement.

At the time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House was noticing a disturbing pattern. “We feel it follows a pattern of attacks and other belligerent behavior,” Psaki said. “And these actions also threaten freedom of navigation through crucial waterways — something that is posing a risk to a range of countries around the world.”
Therefore, the press secretary suggested that countries get involved. “You know, I would also note that we know our British partners have called for action, called for steps in a coordinated way from international bodies, including the United Nations, which we would certainly support,” Psaki said. Now, Burns’ visit symbolizes the United State following through on the White House’s comments.

According to a statement from Burns’ office, he met with Bennett after meeting with the head of Israel’s Mossad intelligency agency David Barnea. Burns met the Israeli leader in Tel-Aviv. “They discussed the situation in the Middle East, with emphasis on Iran, and possibilities for expanding and deepening regional cooperation,” the statement read.

Next, Burns will meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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