April 15, 2020

China Says Disappeared COVID Journalists Is ‘fiction,’ While FCC Carr Demands They ‘Un-disappear’ Them

A Chinese government spokesman said FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is more than welcome to visit Wuhan but called Carr’s request to speak with disappeared citizen COVID19 whistleblowers “a fiction.”

“I’m glad you’ve seen their names,” Carr said on Twitter to Hua Chunying, the Chinese government spokesman.

“And I’m glad your response confirms to the world that you disappeared them simply for telling the truth about your brutal regime,” he said. “Now, my question to you still stands: Will you un-disappear them so we can speak?”

On Monday, Carr told The Sara Carter Show that the Federal Communications Commission will proceed with the Department of Justice’s recommendation to fully investigate China Telecom Corp. over alleged espionage. He added, the FCC is conducting a “top to bottom review” of every single Chinese company operating in the United States telecommunications networks.

Last week, Carr asked China’s communist government to give him permission to speak with the many disappeared citizen journalists who sounded early alarms on the severity of the coronavirus outbreak.

During the back and forth twitter thread the Chinese spokesman suggested that U.S. officials should visit China to experience “freedom,” and the FCC commissioner accepted the offer, adding that first he wants to speak with the brave journalists.

Carr told him that he would first “like to speak with Dr. Al Fen”, a doctor who worked in Wuhan’s Central Hospital, who tried to warn about the virus and quickly disappeared.

His list followed with eight other brave doctors and citizens who risked their lives and have never been heard from again after reporting on the conditions in China and the truth behind the COVID19 outbreak.