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China government promotes Uyghur women as ‘no longer baby-making machines’



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This story was first published by The Dark Wire Investigation Foundation

A new state media report claims that the Chinese government is no longer holding Uyghur women in internment camps. The Uyghur women have been “emancipated” and are “no longer baby-making machines,” according to a tweet posted by the Chinese Embassy in the U.S.

Uyghurs are Muslims who are ethnically Turkic. They are a minority population.

“In the process of eradicating extremism, the minds of Uyghur women were emancipated and gender equality and reproductive health were promoted, making them no longer baby-making machines,” the report said. “Women have since been striving to become healthy, confident and independent.”

The report received backlash, with many saying that the Chinese government was admitting to the persecution of the Uyghur population in China.

In a research report released last year, Adrian Zenz, a German scholar, discovered that the Chinese government disguised these internment camps as “re-education camps” but according to Zenz’s research, were used as a form of threat and punishment. Officials detain women and families who fail to comply with pregnancy checks, forced contraception, sterilizations or abortions.

Zenz said there had been a significant drop in the natural population growth rate in southern Xinjiang (Northwest China) in 2018 and claimed that China was trying to control the size of the Uyghur population.

Zenz said that the Chinese government had a plan to reduce natural birth or natural population growth to near zero by 2020.

The state media report denied that the decrease in birth rate and natural population growth was due to forced sterilization. The Chinese government attributed the decrease in population growth to family planning programs and increased education.

The state media report claims that safe, effective and appropriate contraceptive measures were available to couples of childbearing age in Xinjiang, and it is their personal decisions on whether to use those measures. As a result, the birthrate in Xinjiang decreased.

“An increasing number of people in southern Xinjiang were deciding to marry and have children later in life, seeing the benefits of fewer but better births, and the change was due more to personal choice than government policy.”

China denies any claims of forced sterilization, however, experts continue to believe Uighur women in Xinjiang are being sterilized.

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Blood Money: New book shows how Bidens received $5M from Chinese criminal gang leader responsible for fentanyl pipeline to U.S.



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Peter Schweizer detailed in his new book, Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans how Joe Biden is directly connected to the harrowing fentanyl crisis in the United States. reports on the revealing new book by Schweizer:

While Joe Biden was vice president, the Bidens developed a business partnership with a Chinese tycoon named Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy Co., which had strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Throughout Ye’s relationship with the Bidens, he “showered” some members of the Biden family with money, Schweizer reported. Hunter Biden received a three-carat diamond worth $80,000; and in July 2017, Ye’s company gave the Bidens a $5 million, interest-free, forgivable loan.

…But Ye also enjoyed a partnership with the former leader of a Chinese triad called the United Bamboo Gang (UBG), Schweizer detailed in Blood Money.  Ye’s partner’s name was Zhang Anle or, as he is commonly known, the “White Wolf.”

Ye’s business relationship blossomed with the “White Wolf,” Schweizer explains Blood Money. Schweizer writes that “White Wolf” became an important partner of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico:

Ye and White Wolf set up the Shanghai Zhenrong Petroleum Company together. White Wolf’s gang, UBG, also has a “partnership” with Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel and helps them in the production and distribution of fentanyl in the United States. UBG helped to turn “the Sinaloa Cartel into the King of Fentanyl,” according to a Mexican investigation of the cartel.

White Wolf had been arrested and convicted in the 1980s on drug-trafficking and racketeering charges in the United States. The UBG is involved extensively in the international drug trade, having sold heroin in the United States for decades. As one government report stated, “It is believed the gang is active in several U.S. cities, including Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, and various California cities. The UBG has built up a sophisticated network capable of supplying members with guns, narcotics, and fraudulent identifications.” White Wolf also has close ties with the Beijing government; senior Communist Party officials call him “Big Brother.” The fact that a Chinese businessman who showered millions on the Bidens is partners with a crime syndicate partnering in the distribution of fentanyl into the United States might be shocking enough. But there is more.

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