Chicago police superintendent responds to continued shootings after another deadly weekend

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown held a press conference Monday to discuss recent crime rates. Murder and gun violence particularly are on the rise compared to last year, but on a downward trend from month to month.

Brown reported that murders are already up 5% from last year and shootings have increased by 17%. January saw the biggest increase with 34% more murders and 46% more shootings. May saw the smallest increase with only 13% increase in murders and 20% increase in shootings. “It’s nothing to celebrate,” Brown said, “but form a macro perspective it’s a downward trend.” Yet, even though May saw the fewest shootings this year, Memorial day weekend in particular saw a significant increase from 2020.

But Chicago police have also confiscated over 5,000 guns this year already. According to the superintendent, that means they’re projected to confiscate more than the 11,000 guns they recovered last year.

“Every gun recovered is a potential deadly force encounter and arguably, a potential for reducing violence,” Brown said. “The other part of the formula is a consequence in the court system.”

During the question and answer portion, the police department also released an update on the 11-year-old girl who was shot Sunday night, saying she is in stable condition. She’s from out of town and caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting.

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