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Chicago police blame gangs for shooting death of 4-year-old boy



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Seven children suffered injuries from various shootings in Chicago this weekend, while 4-year-old Mychal Moultry died from his gunshot wounds. Including adults, 65 people were shot over Labor Day Weekend according to the Sun Times Media Wire.

Moultry was in his own home Friday night. Someone braided his hair just as a gunman shot into the house from the outside. As a result, bullets flying in from the window struck Moultry twice in the head. Later, he died at Comer Children’s Hospital. He is the 35th fatal victim to gun violence in Chicago this year alone. 2021 shootings wounded 280 children so far.

Police Superintendent David O. Brown held a press conference Monday. Over the weekend, police reported they confiscated 64 illegally possessed weapons. Just this year alone they’ve confiscated 8,500 total illegal weapons. As a result there have been 4,000 arrests since January.

Yet Deputy Chief Gale blamed recent violence on gangs. “We are aware that a lot of the street gangs here in the city of Chicago are responsible to the violence that is going on on our streets and affecting our children,” Gale said. Currently, there are charges against four gangs, including the Gangster Disciples, Conservative Vice Lords, Traveling Vice Lords and Four Corner Hustlers. Police are also offering a $9,000 reward for information on Moultry’s death.

Superintendent Brown agreed that gangs are to blame. “It’s always some other offender, gang member, criminal network, some beef, and they’re targeting some adult, and young people are nearby and they are shot as innocent bystanders,” Brown said.

Still, a 13 year old is receiving treatment at Comer Children’s Hospital after being shot in the head on Saturday night. He was in the basement of a home at 9 PM when a gunman shot through the window.

Earlier that day, a gunman opened fire at an after-school event in East Garfield Park. Two siblings under the age of 16 were struck. Luckily they have already fully recovered. Police recovered a vehicle associated with the shooting, but no one is in custody yet.

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Americans should brace for ‘real pain’ at the gas pump



InflationFinal 336372560

A spike in gas prices will likely begin in March, according to Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum at GasBuddy. De Haan says all Americans may soon be facing California-esque gas prices.

Biden’s rising inflation could push gas prices for regular unleaded fuel to above $4 a gallon. “We’ll start to see gasoline demand surge, along with refiners doing maintenance ahead of the summer driving season, creating a squeeze” De Haan told Fox Business.

Earlier this month, GasBuddy projected the national average price for a gallon of gasoline could climb to a high of $4.13 in June. California cities could have average costs of over $5. Currently the nationwide average is $3.314 per gallon according to the American Automobile Association.

The highest-priced gas averages are $4.650 in California, and Texas sits at the lowest average of $2.942. Nonetheless, U.S. drivers are being warned to expect “real pain” at the pump when the spring travel surge begins.

Inflation is currently at the highest level in almost 40 years. Last week the Labor Department said the consumer price index has risen 7 percent over the last year. President Biden has called inflation “a global challenge” and attempted to claim the latest numbers are good news, point to a monthly rate of price increases around December.

After the report came out, Biden said, “Today’s report—which shows a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over last month, with gas prices and food prices falling—demonstrates that we are making progress in slowing the rate of price increases.”

“At the same time, this report underscores that we still have more work to do, with price increases still too high and squeezing family budgets” Biden did admit.

Daily Mail reports “nationwide, gas prices did drop 2.2 percent in December from the prior month, but remained 50 percent higher than a year ago. Food prices were up 0.5 percent on the month and 6.3 percent higher than a year ago, making it unclear what falling food prices Biden was referring to.”

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