Chelsea Handler: Trump is ‘The Perfect Example of White Privilege’

Comedian Chelsea Handler believes that white privilege in the “Trump era” needs to be addressed. That’s why she created her new Netflix documentary “Hello privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea.” What surprised her most when creating the film was “the inability for white people to admit to white privilege,” Handler told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wednesday.

“If you admit that you are a beneficiary of white privilege, that means to a lot of people ‘I have to start sacrificing things and I have to give something up,'” said Handler.

Handler shared that she feels guilty for being able to easily “cash checks” her whole career however, she recognizes that not all white people are automatically born into a life of privilege, but in most cases she said, they have the upper hand. Moreover, Handler told Cuomo she believes a black person is more likely to get arrested for committing the same crime than a white person.

“Yes, I understand there are plenty of people that don’t feel that privilege that are white, but that’s not what this is about.” Handler explained, “This is about recognizing that so many people are being discriminated against in so many levels, and while anyone’s being discriminated against, somebody is winning off of that.”

Admittedly, Handler doesn’t know how to fix the current climate for discrimination. For her, it’s about starting a conversation. “I think that white people can afford to be a little bit uncomfortable with their conversations and get real about treating people equally,” said Handler.

Trump is the greatest obstacle to this because, as Handler puts it, he’s “the perfect example of white privilege.” There’s no mention of him in the documentary because it’s too “nauseating” for Handler.