House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes demanded Thursday that the Department of Justice investigate what appears to be clear violations of FBI protocol and possible criminal violations under federal law when the bureau obtained a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Carter Page. Page was a short-term advisor during President Trump’s 2016 election.

In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Nunes requested that the DOJ provide answers to what the committee deemed was a “clear violation of FBI protocols” in obtaining the warrant against Page in October, 2016. The committee also wants to know whether guidelines embodied in the latest unreacted 2011 version of the bureau’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide(DIOG), which outlines what the FBI must do when submitting an application for a warrant to spy on an American, was changed to allow the bureau to obtain a warrant with less evidence.

“If not, what steps has the DOJ/ and FBI taken to hold accountable those officials who violated those protocols,” Nunes asks Sessions in his letter.

FBI and DOJ officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Jeff Sessions

The potential criminal violations listed by Nunes in the letter are 18 USC 242 and 50 USC 1809.

  • 18 USC 242: using color of law to conduct a targeted investigation based on the pretext of law enforcement/
  • 50 USC  1809: surveillance conducted under color of law in a manner not authorized by FISA.

Nunes has requested that the Department of Justice answer the committees questions no later than March, 8. A copy of the letter was sent to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is currently investigating the FBI’s handling of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. The committee also attached the memorandum on Page and their initial investigation into the warrant obtained by the FISA court to the letter delivered to Sessions.

READ: Chairman Nunes Letter to AG

On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted his displeasure in what he noted was the failure of the DOJ and Sessions to adequately investigate the FBI’s role in obtaining the warrant.

Session’s responded by saying, “as long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution.”

“What steps has the DOJ and FBI taken to hold accountable those officials who violated those protocols?” Devin Nunes

Republican’s congressional investigations revealed last month that the FBI did not disclose to the secret court information on the origin of the evidence it used when it obtained a surveillance warrant on Page. The evidence raised significant concern among Republicans and the White House who are calling on Sessions to investigate the full scope of the FBI’s investigation into Page and the Trump campaign. According to a memo released by Republicans with the House Intelligence Committee, the FBI did not disclose that the Democratic National Committee and the then Hillary Clinton Campaign financed former British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier. The dossier was the primary evidence used to obtain the warrant. Democrats released their own redacted memo Saturday saying that a footnote on the application submitted by the FBI stating that the bureau “speculated” the dossier may be politically motivated was the proof that the FBI did inform the courts.

Story is developing 

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  1. I’m starting to get a sick feeling like the expected blockbuster IG report will be a dud. Today I believe the NY Times released a story on IG Horowitz allegedly criticizing the DOJ for releasing information to the press.

    Sara, all the IG can do is issue a report, and then is it up to Jeff Sessions to act?

    Who triggers a Grand Jury? Sessions?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Aloha. I’ve read rumors online that Carter Page worked in the Clinton Administration transition team back in the 1990’s. True, or false? Seems to be an important factor, if true.

  3. We all want the same thing but unfortunately we live in a corrupt country with those in the Establishment protecting themselves. I don’t have the contacts or information that Sara has but I’ve come to conclusions that have not been refuted by evidence:
    1. Sessions is ‘owned’ by Hillary and the Establishment. Remember, the first thing Hillary did when Bill became president was to demand of the FBI all dossiers it had on those in Congress and they complied. I am 1/2 Calabrese, I know a mafia don (donna) when I see one. She rule via blackmail and threats.
    2. Carter Page is the Kato Kaelin of the spook world. He has been an asset for the intelligence services for decades and their job is inherently dishonest. He was used to snare several Russian spies yet suddenly became suspicious and had to be wiretapped after all those years? It’s still unclear how and why he of all people was named to Trump’s foreign policy advisory board albeit in an unpaid capacity and for a whopping 2 meetings. Not only is Page not to be trusted, he reeks of being a plant for this well thought out plan by the Establishment to destroy Trump. With Mueller after him he acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world, I wonder why?
    3. There is absolutely nothing I’ve seen (by their fruits ye shall know them) by the DOJ, FBI, or Congress that would lead me to believe there is any crime that Hillary could commit that would result in any form of punishment. When one tallies Sara Carter, John Solomon, Judicial Watch, Fox News (Sans Shep Smith, lol), Victoria Toensing and Joe Degenova’s collective work then add in Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom (willing to testify that Hillary was behind the Seth Rich Murder and has twice contacted Mueller on this with no reply) the Clintons, the Podestas, the Obamas, Susan Rice, Cheryl Mills, Huma, and many others should be in jail for a very long time let alone the entire 7th floor of the FBI should join them. But just like the criminals on Wall Street having champagne toasts while the police batter the Occupy Movement below, these criminals are laughing at us as they are beyond reproach.

  4. IG report from Horowitz dye out soon. Blockbuster or coverup?

    Don’t underestimate the Clintons. Remember Sandy Berger stole original, uncopied, uncatalogued documents from the National Archives! We have no real idea what he smuggled out in his underwear and socks, but he was there on four different days. What original Clinton documents needed to be destroyed so badly? His consequence was only a slap on the wrist, and probation!

  5. The IG report is just the current stall. Before that, it was claimed that the document release January 15th would trigger DOJ action. The IG report is late, and Sessions can cause it to be much later. Perhaps his improper assignment of the FISA abuse investigation to the IG can add 6 more months. Sessions controls the release. After the release, we may not see the entire report. Sessions may take some minor action to fool people. Gullible people will then cheer that Sessions is going after the bad guys.

    The fix is in. Sessions must be removed for justice to happen. Sessions was under no pressure to recuse, he did it as part of a plan to put Trump in a bad situation and to cover up massive abuses.

  6. The IG report may be a dud, but the demand for accountability is now too strong for the current administration to sit on their hands. With a mid-term election on the way, and the known leverage available to inflict damage on the rogue individuals still making policy with the Democratic Party, the opportunity is too good to pass up.

    The Democratic Party knows this, and one of their chief members, Nancy Pelosi, is steadily losing her ability to function. I’m sure they’re scrambling, know they need to be very careful on who they accept donations from, and dread the fact their bankrupt committee is strapped for cash. This leads them very vulnerable, and brutal strategy to go for the jugular is needed by the Republican Party. It’s time they did and stopped playing by Queensberry rules.

  7. Great comments, TinMan. And yeah, why isn’t Shep on MSLSD?!?! He sure doesn’t belong on Fox.

    I had naïve hopes that Trump would drain the swamp. I heard one commentator – I think it was David Webb -say that a swamp is actually a good thing – a balanced ecosystem; that what we have in DC is a cesspool.

    There is too much money being spread around and too many politicians on the take. We need a Mark Levin Convention of States and we need to pass every one of his Liberty Amendments – including term limits and the repeal of the 17th amendment so that Senators are appointed by the State legislatures – like the good ol’ days: no campaigning, no special interests.

    If we want justice, then Sessions has to go. Put Judge Jeanine Pirro in there and let the dogs hunt!
    Otherwise, Killary will be dead of natural causes before any justice happens.

  8. I voted for Reagan once, Carter once. I voted for Clinton (once). I voted for Obama once. I voted Nader three times. I voted for Bernie in Primaries. I voted Trump in the General.

    I don’t care about the past, the Democratic Party today is subversive, like much of the Republican Congress, and Trump and Putin are our only hope.

  9. Other Presidents have named Special Prosecutors. Trump could name a Special Counselor to investigate FISA.

  10. It is unfortunate how Jeff Sessions is protecting the deep state and all Hillary and company, especially since congress told Trump if Sessions i s fired, they will not confirm another AG. Sleepy Sessions is simply running the clock it looks like, until his term is over.

    If the law does not apply to everyone equally, there is no law.

  11. I think that is where military tribunals come in from his executive order on 12/21/17 using the department of treasury to freeze their accounts and bringing in his own special council to do it. Gowdy is the only one and I think he is acting political in his position because he needs to be seen as not biased when he does go back into law. Just a theory. IG report is 1.2 or 1.4 million pages.

  12. I hate to agree but I do. I believe our beautiful republic is forever lost unless we unite as a country and literally fight back. However, how will we do that with the left trying to disarm us and the POTUS seemingly going along with it?

  13. Is this some purposeful tactic to string out time so some or many of the alleged illegal acts fall outside the controlling Statute of Limitations? HOW is a Grand Jury started? And by WHO?

    Have we become a Banana Republic? I am not a lawyer, but have a university degree. Hillary and Huma appear, prima facia, guilty of anywhere between 8 and 10 criminal acts.

    A few weeks ago I was feeling more optimistic, reading Sara Carter, Hannity, and then a few other new sources.

    One source mentioned how the FBI told us Peter Strzok’s 50,000 texts were gone. Within days, I believe IG’s Horowitz produced a sampling. Facts have come to light that weren’t available from known sources, the implication beinv the IG is silently at work. A site I am unfamiliar with claims up to 4 people are cooperating with Horowitz in exchange for a reduced punishment, yet I’m not sure how that would work legally.

    I pray Horowitz is a straught shooter. Even our Russian Whistleblower’s testimony has been buried. And he is fighting cancer. I hope his cagey, American-loving lawyers have double and triple copies of ALL of his evidence and notes.

  14. The Federal Grand Jury is impaneled by the Asst. US Attorney that’s handling the investigation of the particular alleged offense .Also a Special Counsel like Robert Mueller can impanel a Federal Grand Jury as well.

  15. I did similar and couldn’t agree with you more about the Dems (who I was one of for many years) and Trump. I’ve never been religious, but started to wonder when Trump came along. If he doesn’t fix things, no one will. The end.

  16. Sara – the tipping point will be when the FISA judge(s) issue a statement saying they were or were not misled/duped by the FBI.

  17. Thinking this DOJ will do anything is like expecting the mob to investigate the mob. I think it’s pretty plain whose side Sessions is on.

  18. Carter Page previously worked with the Clinton Administration transition team in 1992-1993 while serving as a Research Fellow on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on Capitol Hill. During his Fellowship, HASC Chairman Les Aspin was selected by President Clinton as the Secretary of Defense in December 1992. From May 1993 – December 1994, Carter went on to serve as the Arms Control Action Officer for Counterproliferation Policy in the Nuclear Affairs and International Negotiations Branch of the Navy Staff in the Pentagon.

    In regards to FISA violations, I found the following:
    50 U.S. Code § 1810 – Civil liability
    An aggrieved person, other than a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power, as defined in section 1801(a) or (b)(1)(A) of this title, respectively, who has been subjected to an electronic surveillance or about whom information obtained by electronic surveillance of such person has been disclosed or used in violation of section 1809 of this title shall have a cause of action against any person who committed such violation and shall be entitled to recover—
    (a) actual damages, but not less than liquidated damages of $1,000 or $100 per day for each day of violation, whichever is greater;
    (b) punitive damages; and
    (c) reasonable attorney’s fees and other investigation and litigation costs reasonably incurred

  19. Sara…Why can’t the President appoint a Special Prosecutor to conduct the investigations the need to be conducted, if Attorney General Sessions will not take prudent action in the interest of equality under the law? An investigation of U-One would most likely catch up those Democrats like the Deputy AG and Muller for their past actions. Ask Hannity to suggest it on TV and let it catch fire and support.

  20. Either Sessions is doing his job correctly, (Not speaking about it in public, No leaks) or he’s gotta go! I would like to think that he’s doing his job, but I don’t think President Trump would keep openly bashing him is he were. This is a critical time in our history folks. We either have “Equal Justice” or we don’t.

  21. Thank you Mr. Greenberg.

    Vanity Fair did an article recently on Anthony Scaramucci which was surprisingly accurate and balanced where Scaramucci was quoted as saying “The Swamp is gold plated and it doesn’t have a drain.” – so no draining any time soon.

    Mark Levin is right on and I love Judge Jeanine but did you know that Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman has been openly lobbying to replace Sessions? If someone with connections (hint hint Sara) could inform Trump it could make all the difference.

  22. Did you know that one of the FISA judges did reply to one of the many inquiry requests (maybe judicial watch’s or Nunes’?) and the reply was chilling. They don’t keep notes of questions asked or answered during their hearings and that the request for specific information from say Congress was a rarity and basically said, “sorry we can’t help ya.” So I guess they don’t even have a FISA court stenographer, crazy.

  23. I suspect Page indictmemt was a ruse. I think he still is on FBI payroll serving counterintelligence as he was in 2013 when he helped FBI frame Russian spies. Another thing not disclosed by FBI to FISA court.

  24. I’m trying to imagine how utterly idiotic you’d have to be to write ” I’ve never been religious, but started to wonder when Trump came along. If he doesn’t fix things, no one will. The end.”

    That’s the Platonic ideal of stupidity. It’s so completely moronic that it’s completely flawless in its imbecility.

  25. Yeah, not surprisingly, this is bullshit. Let me help you out: “During his senior year at the Naval Academy, he worked in the office of Les Aspin as a researcher for the House Armed Services Committee.”

    He was at Annapolis, Cletus.

    You guys are clowns and you don’t care.

  26. “Hello, my name is Tinman and I have no idea what I’m talking about. Let me prove that!”

  27. Who could be appointed to take Sessions place?

    Gowdy seems a bit political, drawn to the limelight, and at times goes soft. Christie tainted, Guiliani too old and political.

  28. It is impossible to parody the levels of stupidity and ignorance in this thread.

    You guys are a bunch of paranoid, halfwit children.

  29. Are you really so dim that you can’t see that Trump *is* the swamp? He’s enriching himself, his relatives, and his criminal friends and associates.

    Jesus, you’re a good little fascist.

  30. Since Sessions recused himself very early on, it appears to me that he is not in a position that clearly threatens Trump. If so, then Trump can fire him at any moment without media consequence. I.e., If Trump fired Mueller, all hell would break loose. If he fires Sessions, not much political fallout. ???
    Is that about right?
    Then, why does Trump NOT fire Sessions?
    If Sessions was positioned to damage Trump, do we think Trump is so stupid that he would not have seen that coming? I think, or I HOPE, that a bigger game is afoot, and Trump and Sessions are playing an incredibly complicated game to defeat entrenched enemies.
    Any thoughts?

  31. Gowdy would make a great special investigator…if he isn’t handicapped by his years in office.

  32. Ya know DiT, you really need to go back to bed. I don’t want to have to call your mommy.

  33. It is a law. It is also the adopted shorthand for a vast array of crimes committed by ranking Democrat operatives.
    Now…does that help you with the English Language, Ivan.

  34. Sick burn.

    You guys are authoritarian clowns. You know literally nothing about politics and you’re unable to think at a fifth grade level.

  35. Actually, it’s a shorthand adopted by authoritarian morons who know nothing about politrics.

    There are literally zero “crimes committed by ranking Democrat operatives.” None.

    You’re a delusional moron.

  36. Your ignorance is astounding.

    Trump hasn’t fired Sessions for two very simple reasons. One is that Sessions has done nothing that would warrant firing — besides lying to the Senate about his contacts with Russians, and Dumb Donnie is fine with that.

    Another is that Trump is a gutless candyass. He’s mean tweeting like a 13 year old girl because he doesn’t have the balls to fire Sessions. Every sentient being should be embarrassed by that clown.

    And I can’t believe you really asked “do we think Trump is so stupid that he would not have seen that coming?” Trump is a moron. He is without question the stupidest man to ever disgrace the White House. He actually admitted *on television* that he fired Comey in an attempt to stop the Russia investigation, which led to Bob Mueller’s appointment.

    Trump is an authoritarian moron, and his supporters are authoritarian morons.

  37. Oh, and I love the idiocy of you calling me “Ivan.” You’re the one who’s got the Russians on your side. I’m sure you’d gladly give Putin a reacharound if he asked, right?

  38. The reasons that Trump does not fire Session are fairly obvious. First, there is always the possibility that Sessions is investigating DNC, Hillary campaign, Obama staff and FBI covertly. That is actually the way it should be done, and how the DOJ IG seems to be doing it. Why disrupt that process underway and set it back. Second, if Trump fires Sessions then he will get Rosenstein, current Deputy AG, as acting-AG. Rosenstein is suspected as being one of the actors in the Hillary cover-up and the setup of Trump campaign. He won’t investigate himself. Third, a new AG appointment must be approved by 60% of the Senate. What chance is there that Schumer will let any Democrat vote for approval of a new AG appointment. The Dems would be served by having Rosenstein blocking any investigation of the last election. Bottom line, the DC Swamp thrives. It is deeply embedded in all major agencies and both parties and to root it out requires strategy and moxy.

  39. LOL!!! Delusional post. “Authoritarians” grab and consolidate power by use of the military, if required. They centralize control and build up the institutions of power like Military, State, DOJ and FBI with their own henchmen. Trump has done the opposite. He delegates the decision making process. He downsizes DC institutions. He runs the government like a business. His personal quirks aside, that is why he was elected.

  40. It’s so cute that you think Sessions could be investigating Hillary, the FBI, and the DNC. There’s something almost charming about your childlike gullibility.

    But what’s not so cute is your insane belief that law enforcement is part of “the swamp.” We know Trump is a liar and a criminal who has admitted to money laundering, illegal loans, and defrauding people who were dumb enough to enroll in Trump “University.”

    But you’re a good little authoritarian, so you don’t care.

  41. Authoritarian attack news media who accurately report on them. They smear law enforcement for investigating them. They lie on a daily basis about their election, about the size of crowds, about their popularity. They use their office to enrich themselves, their family, and their lackeys. They surround themselves with unqualified morons who blindly support them. They tell racist lies to consolidate their mouthbreathing base.

    Trump is the most anti-American president we’ve ever had. He genuinely hates everything this country stands for.

  42. If I were an authoritarian, I would have the power to execute you for your stupidity and treason. But I don’t, so you are safe, unless Trump really is who you think he is, in which case he will round you up with all the Lefties and put you to a firing squad. THAT is what authoritarians like Stalin do. Maybe you should read a little history

  43. Thank you for proving that you have no idea what authoritarian actually means. And spare me the line about reading history. I’ve forgotten more about that than you’ll ever know.

  44. Brian, I don’t agree that any of your reasons are obvious. Not to be argumentative, but I believe Sessions has already told us that the DOJ is investigating Hillary. What that means, specifically, we should not know, as you point out. Nevertheless, having been a CEO much of my life, I have a hard time imagining any subordinate doing a critical task, like trying to jail Hillary, without my knowledge. THe DOJ IS in the Executive Branch. It is not a separate thing…well, it is not supposed to be, anyhow. Moreover, I suggest that Trump talks to his cabinet and manages them. If so, he knows what Sessions is doing, and if it turns out Rosenstein is as corrupt as so many others, he’ll have to be taken down separately.

    The point about the Democrats blocking an appointment…YEAH, that one I completely overlooked and you are certainly correct. Damn it. I guess we need to hope that Trump knew what he was doing when the appointed Sessions, and based on results elsewhere, and the depth of sewage he must wade through every day…maybe not. Thanks for the input.

  45. You continue to be the moron you presented yourself to be. Pretending to be an elite, highly educated person. Just another swamp dweller. For your assistance, here is the definition of Authoritarian, which some sources equate to Totalitarian. This one makes a distinction between a single dictator or”Central Committee” and a party. Don’t really agree with that since all Authoritarian regimes in history have also been Totalitarian (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Tito, Mao, Amin). But splitting hairs. As for as repression, no difference at all. The point being Trump and the GOP look nothing like this. The Dems, under influence from far Left, a different story. I am truly worried about your team being repressive and lining people up once again in power. This is why we aren’t giving up our guns:

    “Totalitarian regimes are different from authoritarian ones because the latter denotes a state in which the single power holder – an individual “dictator”, a committee or a junta or an otherwise small group of political elite – monopolizes political power.”

  46. It’s so cute when stupid people pretend to be smart. It’s like watching a four year old wear his daddy’s clothes.

    Here’s you acknowledging that you’re a moron: ” all Authoritarian regimes in history have also been Totalitarian.”

    Completely, utterly, and stupidly false. The vast majority of authoritarian regimes don’t have the power base to go totalitarian. The fact that you think Tito was totalitarian is proof positive that you’re a clown.

    Speaking of guns, who was the guy who said he’d seize the guns and worry about due process later?

    You’re an ignoramus and a moron.

  47. No, Sessions has not already told us that the DOJ is investigating Hillary.

    No, you weren’t a CEO much of your life.

    No, Trump never knows what he’s doing.

  48. Hey Sassy Sara, it’s been several days, so how about an update on this “developing story,” or, what it actually is, just another “look, YUGE SQUIRREL!” Nunes/Republican attempt to deflect attention form the Trump treason investigation?

  49. Curtis, the problem is that you’re not a moron, so that pretty clearly takes you out of Sara’s demographic.

    Once your IQ breaks three digits, it’s impossible to take Sara and her mouthbreathing commenters seriously.

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