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CENSORSHIP: Stephanopoulos, BIG TECH, MSM cover for Biden family to keep Americans in the dark



joe biden and hunter biden

The American media – for the most part – has made up its mind. They are in the tank for former Vice President Joe Biden and any stories, reports or information – like that of the shocking New York Post story on his son Hunter Biden – gets ignored or unfairly discredited before it’s investigated.

It’s unbelievable that this is happening to our nation. It’s not the old Soviet Union but the end result of the actions of our media is the same: control the narrative and keep the information from reaching the American people. The tragedy, is that it isn’t the government conducting the censorship but the media moguls, social media giants and for the most part the American people are letting it happen without much of a fight.

This in and of itself should worry every American, because these actions to censor free speech erode the very foundation of freedom we have cherished since the inception of our country.

Just look at Biden’s interview with ABC News anchor and former President Bill Clinton’s spokesperson George Stephanopoulos on Thursday. Stephanopoulos chose to ignore and not as Biden any questions about the New York Post report’s emails that allegedly reveal his son was using his father’s position to line his pockets with millions of dollars from countries like China and Ukraine.

Not one question. It was as if it never happened or reported. In fact, Stephanopoulos got help from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms that suspended accounts and stopped the sharing of the New York Post’s stories on Hunter Biden.

New Busters Curtis Houck stated on Twitter “as expected, @ABC News and chief anchor/former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos made sure that there was NOT A SINGLE question about Hunter Biden at this #BidenTownHall.”

The Post reported a 2015 email revealing that Hunter Biden – who was a paid board member for a Ukrainian energy giant – was getting a thank you from a senior executive of Burisma Holdings, for “giving an opportunity” for him to meet his father, then-Vice President Biden. Biden was charged with overseeing Ukrainian foreign policy issues under the Obama Administration at the time. His son, despite his lack of knowledge in the energy field or his inability to speak Russian, was put as a paid board member for the company. He was being paid roughly $50,000 a month.

However, Joe Biden has previously told reporters he’s “never spoken” to his son “about his overseas business dealings.”

Stephanopoulos did not ask him one question during the 90-minute town hall that broadcast to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The same night, however, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie acted like an interrogator against President Trump during the town hall. She repeatedly spoke to him like he was a prisoner, grilling him on his diagnosis of COVID-19 and taking up a substantial amount of time from the important topics like the nation’s economy, health care, COVID-19 lockdowns and the president’s foreign policy agenda should he win for the next four years.

It’s tragic but what we have witnessed in this last week alone is a concerted effort by very powerful entities to control the narrative and cover for Joe Biden.

This in and of itself should worry every American, because these actions erode the very foundation of freedom we have cherished since the inception of our country.

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Biden’s Poor Polling and Harris’ Low Electability Rating Could Have Democrats Considering ‘Nuclear Option’

Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election is underway



Biden Kamala
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

With polls consistently showing a poor approval rating for President Joe Biden at below 40 percent, and a recent poll put Kamala Harris’ electability at only 28 percent, Democrats are in full panic mode.

Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election is underway. Operatives are preparing for the possibility of a contested presidential primary in which other would-be nominees take on Ms. Harris, but that could be damaging for the party” reports the Telegraph.

Therefore, Democrats are allegedly whispering about a potential “nuclear option” that would call for current Vice President Harris to be nominated to the Supreme Court. The Telegraph writes that “while the scenario is highly improbable, and perhaps a reflection of a Washington rumor mill in overdrive, the fact it has come up at all shows the depths of the predicament the Biden administration currently finds itself in, amid rising inflation, a stalled domestic agenda, and foreign policy disasters.”

The theory in question would call for President Biden to nominate Harris to the Supreme Court in the event a seat opens in the next three years during his administration. Biden could then use “Section 2 of the 25thAmendment to nominate a more popular vice president”, adds the Telegraph.

Under Section 1 of the 25th Amendment, that new vice president could assume the presidency if Biden were to step down while president. They would then become the Democratic nominee in the 2024 presidential election. That same individual could also be the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2024 if Biden chooses not to run for re-election.

One piece of information that is wetting Democrats’ whistle is that current Supreme Court Justice Breyer has said he does not “want to stay on the Supreme Court until I die.”

The Telegraph notes that “the discussion over potential successors to Mr. Biden is highly unusual less than a year into an administration.”

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