“We’re living in America through the greatest assault on free speech in American history,” said Dennis Prager the founder of the Prager University.

“If it is pro-America, if it’s pro-Israel if it is pro-religion, it is likely to be censored by Google or YouTube,” he continued. He added that a video he created about the Ten Commandments is on a “pornography restricted list” on YouTube.

His organization, Prager University, is not an accredited institution but creates videos which have accrued millions of views, discussing topics including gun ownership, gender politics and police brutality.

In regard to Prager’s accusations against Twitter, the social media platform issued a statement to Fox News on Tuesday:

“The @PragerU Twitter Ads account is ineligible to advertise on the Twitter Ads platform due to repeated violation of our Twitter Ads policies. The account may, however, continue to tweet organically as long as it complies with the Twitter Rules,” a spokesperson said.

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