Celebs Launch Campaign To ‘Take responsibility’ For Racism, Ask ‘White America’ To Join

A number of popular celebrities are saying they’re ‘taking responsibility’ for racism and hate in our country and are asking other white Americans to do the same, in a new confessional social media video and campaign launched Wednesday.

The campaign, launched with a website, “ITakeResponsibility.org,” “was created to stand up for our Black friends and family in America. Our goal is to rally the white community, to provide education and encourage action. Our mission is to ensure this takes place.”

“We cannot sit idle while systemic racism and police brutality continue throughout our country,” the website states. “Racism is personal, it is local, and every situation needs to be identified, recognized, and addressed. At the most personal levels and regardless of the circumstance, these incidents need to become teachable moments. Enough is enough.”

“This begins with white men and women taking responsibility for their personal role in eradicating racism in America — taking a stand and committing to change.” -iTakeResponsibility.org


“Today, #ITakeResponsibility for my role in eradicating racism in America,” actress Julianne Moore wrote on Twitter Thursday with the video. “Unless white America acknowledges its privilege, systemic racism will persist. Act Now. What will you commit to? https://itakeresponsibility.org. @NAACP @itakeresponsibility #itakeresponsibility #blacklivesmatter”

The website asks users to sign a pledge committing to their supposed hateful actions from a list of statements including “turning a blind eye to racism,” “saying ‘I don’t see color’, “not educating my kids on systemic racism,” among other statements. Further, one can pledge to change their actions by ‘demanding for police accountability,’ ‘support organizations on the front lines,’ ‘donate to families affected,’ and ‘mobilize voting efforts.’

The list of dozens of celebrities that have made the pledge, includes singer Kesha, actress Debra Messing, actor Jamie Foxx, Olympian Aly Raisman.