CBS correspondent says he ‘felt safer reporting’ in North Korea than at the WH

April 26, 2019 – Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the ceremony of laying flowers and wreaths at the memorial of eternal fire in Vladivostok.

CBS News’ White House correspondent Ben Tracy said on Monday that he “felt safer reporting” in North Korea than does in the White House, earning him swift condemnation and mockery from across Twitter.

“I felt safer reporting in North Korea that I currently do reporting at the White House,” Tracy said in a tweet posted Monday. “This is just crazy.”

Twitter, especially conservative Twitter, immediately pounced on this statement. President Donald Trump‘s former political aide and contestant on ‘The Apprentice’, Omarosa, even chimed in, simply saying: “Crazy!”’s own Sara Carter joined in, joking that “You need to find your safe space because yes, this statement is really crazy” attached with a GIF of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un waving.

Other commentators brought Tracy’s tweet up as evidence for why many people do not trust the press, such as Jon Nicosia, the President of News Cycle Media.

Harmeet K. Dillon, a Republican committeewoman and legal expert from California, pointed out the immense discrepancy between the White House and the authoritarian regime.

“Yes the White House is just like North Korea,” she tweeted, then saying, “other than the beatings, starvation, lack of electricity, organ harvesting, punishment of your parents, your children, your extended family on the basis of your network’s reporting.”

“You are a clown,” she added.

In 2018, Ben Tracy was the only American news correspondent to be invited to the destruction of one of North Korea’s nuclear testing sites. This trip saw him and other journalists follow strict guidelines by their North Korean hosts, including not being allowed to pull up the window shades on their train because their hosts did not want them to “see how people are living,” according to a Business Insider article from the time.

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