Carter: Barr To Testify Before Senate Appropriations Committee As Deep State Coup Unravels

Attorney General William Barr has a tremendous weight on his shoulders and it will be up to him to investigate those who investigated President Trump’s campaign and ensure that justice is served, said Sara Carter on Fox New’s Hannity Tuesday. Barr testified before the House Appropriation Committee on Tuesday, where he revealed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated report will be released by next week.

The report will be redacted to protect the intelligence communities sources and methods, persons who were interviewed by the Special Counsel’s office but were not charged, ongoing litigation and Grand Jury information, Barr told lawmakers Tuesday.

Carter discussed the malfeasance of Senior Obama officials during the Russia probe and the statement made by Barr that he is investigating the circumstances that initiated the Russia probe by then Obama’s FBI and DOJ.

According to Carter, it was about clearing Hillary Clinton from her crimes and then going after President Trump. She said Barr must also investigate the various roles Former CIA Director John Brennan, Former DNI Director James Clapper, and Former FBI Director James Comey played into the investigation. At the time, Comey declared that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Hillary Clinton,” Carter recanted.

Moreover, she pointed out, that testimony provided by Former FBI General Counsel James Baker revealed that he had been arguing with Comey and other agents during the investigation into Clinton to charge her with gross negligence. Baker told lawmakers he was “appalled” by Clinton’s lack of discretion for classified government documents on her unsecured non-government server.

“What happened here was that senior officials were trying to coup a sitting president,” said Carter.

Barr will testify Wednesday before the Senate Appropriation Committee.