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Carter Attends Briefing on Dangerous Fentanyl at Border: ‘They do not care if this drug kills anybody’



Sara Carter is at the border receiving first-hand intel on the terrifying amounts of fentanyl that’s making its way into the United States and increasingly killing our youth. Carter attended today’s live briefing with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as they discussed just how much fentanyl is being seized during Operation Lone Star.

During the Q&A portion at the end of the briefing, Carter asked how DPS is handling the fact that not enough information is being relayed to the public on how common it has become for drugs to be laced with fentanyl.

Carter states how many young Americans using marijuana and other drugs they purchase off the streets have no idea how high of a risk it is that they could be using substances that are actually laced with fentanyl. “What is Texas and in part, DPS, doing to let parents know that this is happening?” asked Carter.

The first official responded:

“We’re cracking down on the criminal organizations…and impact them the most by seizing these drugs and of course taking away their profits…also trying to put that awareness out there as well, and working with our federal partners to put that information out so that they know how lethal this drug is and how the drug trafficking organizations have no regard for anyone. It’s a profit for them. They do not care if this drug kills anybody. They want these individuals to become addicted to these drugs so they go back and buy more from them. So it’s all profit for them and it’s very serious. And we try to push that awareness out in a collaborative effort with our federal partners.”

Carter poses a follow-up question asking what specific forms the department is finding the fentanyl packaged in, and in particular, “what forms are they coming in that were not suspected?” Carter specifically mentions places such as Connecticut and Baltimore which have found fentanyl in Marijuana. “We’re not just seeing it in pills anymore.”

The female official responds that the cases in the Northeast are good indications of what Texas will likely be seeing soon. “The majority of what we’re seeing here now is a lot of powders and these fake oxycodone looking tablets. The tablets look really good. They trick most of us into thinking they’re legitimate, and then turns out they’re not.”

The official added that it is extremely hard for the average user to be able to look at a drug of choice and say ‘there’s fentanyl in this.’

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National Security

Sara Carter Exclusive: military age male illegal immigrants say Biden is their president



Screen Shot 2024 03 01 at 8.40.27 AM

President Joe Biden is finally visiting the border, but still he’s staying very far away from any and all migrant crossing hotspots, states Sean Hannity. Sara Carter spent the day at Arizona’s border where she spoke to dozens of migrants from all around the world entering the country illegally. The consensus was unanimous: they all knew President Joe Biden is letting immigrants flood into the U.S.

One individual, a male from Guinea, told Carter that Joe Biden ‘is the president of the immigrants; he is working for the immigrants.’ Carter told Hannity that 1,500 people every single day are coming out of one of the most dangerous places on earth, the jungle near Sasabe, Arizona’s border.

Carter also exclusively showed Hannity a makeshift camp which had been set up at the border by a non-governmental organization (NGO). Smugglers are aware of the location and drop off migrants.

“Every single person coming across the border illegally, from Guinea, Pakistan, El Salvador, Ecuador, you name it, all said the U.S. has an open border policy; an invitation from President Biden” Carter explained.

Carter spoke with the Vice President of the Border Patrol Union asking if he thought the American people comprehend the gravity, the national security implication?

He answered that some people do comprehend it, but Biden still has his loyal followers that believe he is doing his job. However,  the amount of fentanyl and illicit drugs crossing into the U.S. daily, in addition to illegal immigrants coming from 160 plus different countries shows we are very vulnerable to deadly implications. He also explained that the vetting process only has even the slightest chance of working if the individuals have committed crimes in the United States.

Terrifyingly, millions of military aged men from around the world who committed crimes in their home countries are crossing the border. The U.S. agencies will never know they are criminals, and even if they do, their home countries will not take them back.

“Our adversaries such as China and Iran are very aware that our borders are open” and they are taking advantage, Carter laments.


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