In his early response to the coronavirus outbreak, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo required nursing homes to admit recovering COVID-19 patients in order to free space in hospitals expected to be overwhelmed by the number of patients. And, according to the Associated Press, over 4,300 patients were sent to nursing homes in New York, which many say resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly patients.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson commented on the move Friday, telling Fox New’s host Sandra Smith that Cuomo’s blame on Trump for the thousands of resulting deaths and his doubling down on comments arguing that the state couldn’t discriminate against patients, saying that the decision lacked ‘logic.’

“It’s very important that people learn from mistakes,” Carson explained. “That it was clearly a mistake to be sending these people to the nursing homes without having done the necessary preparation in the nursing homes, teaching the staff in the nursing homes, providing the PPE in the nursing homes. That’s been done now, and, as you can see, it’s dramatically made a difference.”

He continued, “Whether there were appropriate guidelines in place before by the state, but, you. know, we can argue about all day and all night. But we can use a little bit of logic here. Obviously, you don’t want to take people who have an infectious disease and concentrate them in a place that isn’t prepared to receive them.”

“Of course you’re not supposed to discriminate against anybody. All of the federal guidelines say that about everything. That’s a ridiculous argument. Obviously, you want to accept people if you have provisions and have taken the appropriate safeguards, but you just don’t say ‘ok, let’s bring somebody with tuberculosis in here because we’re not supposed to discriminate against them without having prepared for that. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to a Republican, or Democrat, or anybody with a brain.”