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California teacher caught yelling at students over distance learning complaints: ‘Come at me!’



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A California teacher was caught yelling at her students on camera due to parents’ complaints about the way she’s running her virtual lessons.

In a video shared on Facebook and later posted on Twitter, San Marcos High School teacher Alissa Piro is heard daring parents to “come at me” and said she was “sick” of them telling her how to do her job.

“If your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession, I would love to hear that,” Piro is heard saying in the video.

“However, if your parent wants to come talk to me about how I’m not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual? Just dare them to come at me.”

“Because I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job.”

“I have never once gone to a doctor’s appointment and tried to tell my medical health provider how to treat me,” she continues.

“You know why, ’cause I know nothing about that. I didn’t get my degree in medicine.”

She then apologizes, saying, “I am going off, sorry. This is my go off period.”

Piro went on to tell one student there’s no need for a “white student union” because whites already “get everything.”

According to Fox News, Piro was referring to an ongoing lawsuit launched by a group of California parents against Gov. Gavin Newsom and six California school districts seeking to end virtual learning and return to in-person instruction.

San Marcos school district recently switched from virtual learning to a hybrid model, where students return to the classroom two days a week. The school union reportedly voted to keep the hybrid model for the rest of the school year, angering parents who have pushed for a return to in-person learning.

Fox News reported that that school’s principal, Adam Dawson, called Piro’s behavior “inexcusable” and vowed to address it.

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Pope Francis calls for universal ban on ‘so-called surrogate motherhood’



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Pope Francis called for a universal ban on surrogacy, likening the practice as an unborn child “turned into an object of trafficking.”

“I consider despicable the practice of so-called surrogate motherhood, which represents a grave violation of the dignity of the woman and the child, based on the exploitation of situations of the mother’s material needs,” Francis said in a speech to the Holy See on Monday.

The “uterus for rent” process, as Francis has called it, was estimated to bring in $14 billion in the U.S. in 2022, and is projected to grow to a $129 billion market by 2032. National Review reports Individual surrogacies can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $200,000 plus in the U.S. Rising infertility rates, an increase in the number of fertility clinics, and “sedentary lifestyles” contribute to surrogacy’s recent popularity, according to Global Market Insights.

“A child is always a gift and never the basis of a commercial contract,” Francis continued. “Consequently, I express my hope for an effort by the international community to prohibit this practice universally.”

Surrogacy is already banned in many European countries. In the United States, commercial surrogacy, or for-profit surrogacy, is legal in some states, and the practice has been used by celebrities who are very public with their decision to use surrogacy.

Altruistic surrogacy, the method by which a woman carries another person’s child for no official compensation, is legal in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Greece, and Iceland, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The speech was about threats to peace and human dignity. “A child is always a gift and never the basis of a commercial contract,” Francis continued. “Consequently, I express my hope for an effort by the international community to prohibit this practice universally.”

Francis also listed Russia’s war on Ukraine, the Israel-Hamas war, climate change, and increased weapons production as great threats to peace on Monday.

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