California state legislature approves $35 million plan providing grants for guaranteed income

By Jenny Goldsberry

The California state legislature signed the nation’s first guaranteed income plan Thursday. It will cost the state $35 million to provide the income to those that qualify. Fox News 11 Los Angeles covered the story as it broke. Anchor Marla Tellez was on the air as it happened.

“The program provides money to people each month with no restrictions on how they spend it — if you’re 18 and older, that’s the requirement,” Tellez reported. “But supporters say studies show recipients spend it on food, bills and rent.”

Then, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) tweeted her reaction to the legislation in a tweet Friday. Blackburn called the plan “a pilot program for the left’s socialist universal income program.”

However it’s been tried before. “A similar program has already shown success in Stockton, while Compton, Los Angeles and San Francisco are studying basic income,” Tellez said.

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